Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes-Recipe

Uploaded by jasonmichef on 10.03.2010

Ok today we are going to make pancakes right from
scratch this is a very good buttermilk recipe
on first we're going to start off with our flour
one cup of flour
to that i'm going to add the rest of my dry ingredients
i am going to add quarter teaspoon of salt
also we need some
baking powder
that's going to help it rise when it hits the heat we are going to need one tablespoon
level measure
in there
we go
and then now because we are making buttermilk pancakes we're going to use some baking soda. Now baking
soda works immediately with the acidity
of the
so too that we're going to add
one half teaspoon
I should say of baking soda
mix the dry ingredients really well
well next step
set this aside
is going to be
combine our wet ingredients
one cup buttermilk
to that I am going to add one egg
also going to add 2 tablespoons melted butter
I am going to whisk it together get that egg, butter, and buttermilk blended together
set that aside for a moment
almost forgot one ingredient we're going to need two tablespoons sugar
you can ues one tablespoon sugar
but from personnel experience trying perfect buttermilk pancakes a lot of the flavor comes from the sugar
so I found
more sugar equals better tasting pancakes
we are going to drizzle this in
just going to mix it up
see it starting to bubble it's that baking soda working with
that buttermilk
you don't have to mix it to much if there are some small lumps
generally they are going to cook out when you put htem on the griddle

ther we go
pancake batter ready to make
add some batter to
a hot pan
with some light oil in it
make as big or as little as you want
on how you like them. as you can see they are staring to get puffy and bubbly around the edges
almost ready for flipping the pancake
take a peek
still not quite ready
if you more minutes
or half a minute or so
right now we're ready to put the pancake over
look at that nice golden brown and not to brown means we have the right amount of heat
look at that
nice golden delicious pancake
all it needs now is a little pat of butter
a drizzle of syrup
all set enjoy your breakfast
look at that
nothing like maple syrup
umm so yummy