Wishes on a Falling Star - English Documentary

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Cuba has no conditions to face this
let it have communication
...of course, with the outside world...
let the world help each other be it unified.
Thank you madame.
Look, I've got here Che, Jesus Christ and the bible...
Look at Jesus Christ...
Jesus Christ comes first than you
I optimistically believe God will help...
those who will have good feelings and good faith for Cuba
his will shall be done and not ours.
I think they are really scared.
The ones that now have the power
that one day citizens will stand up
and say: "Today I'm going to behave like a free man!"
But everything is so nice here...
Nice for you, not for us
-Why? -Because it's for tourists
What about other areas?
The houses are crumbling away... ...on our heads!
The basic salary of a dancer can be 15 dollars a month
For example, I'm a company's caretaker and I earn 438 pesos
438 Pesos
-About 18 dollars? -18 dollars
My retirement? 250 pesos (10 dollars)
13 pesos a day
-More or less 7 dollars every 15 days -Yes
I like to say that I'm living in a movie, a thriller
I'm very much under pressure now, there are watchmen under my home all the time
All Cuban citizens know that they have a file with their name hidden somewhere
Mine already has to be several pages long
perhaps they're only collecting evidence to bring one day in a trial
For years and years they injected us with paranoia, and the fear that anyone
could be part of the intelligence or the political police
Are there only these books in Cuba? Are there any novels here?
This is about the triumph of the Revolution
-Can I find them in the bookstores? -This is on Jose Marti, the hero
-6 Pesos (6 dollars) -How can Cubans surf the web?
At work, in their offices. Those who can take advantage during the day
- And at home? -It's expensive
For example, it costs 100 dollars to sign a contract and get permission
Then it's 30 dollars for 15 hours a month
It's very expensive and very slow. You get connected...
and time flies
For those like me who want to access the internet there are two ways
black market accounts or the hotels, that are extremely expensive..
One hour costs a third of a professional's monthly salary
These topics already lost importance and value long time ago
since Obama took over and offered Cuba the opportunity
for internet providers to do business with Cuban institutions
Now the ball is in Cuban hands, and our island's government
didn't accept this proposal yet.
You can't walk with girls because it's a bit difficult
Old Havana is a quiet area, but being such a turistic place
makes girls afraid
to walk with tourists because there are many cops
nothing happens to you, you are safe
but when police notice girls with tourists they catch them...
Come here. It's fine here. They are my two sisters
Friends from the district.  I control a littlebit of everything here
Let's go to the house of mojito to have a chat
Go ahead. We'll stay behind...
The police...
Three millions people in Havana, two of population, one of police
Over here
Relax. You are fellow countrymen. One hundred percent Cuban
Be careful
Two minutes. Relax, the night is young. You're gonna have fun
If you go slow you go far, if you go fast where do you go?
To hell!
The cuban reality
Relax, you are latinos
Let's go take a nice Cuba Libre
Cuba Libre, strong!
Health, strength, love and a wonderful vacation!
I do what you want, anything you like, I can look for it
I'll come back with the girls now. How do you want them: brunette, white...
...black, blonde? How do you want them?
Cuba is an example for the whole world
The star
-Were you here 50 years ago? -Yes, I was here...
...and I met them all
I used to live in Santa Catalina, close to the battle place
-Did you see the battle? -Sure. It was very close to here
My mother-in-law's dog had an asthma crisis
and they told her there was an asthmatic fellow and he took care of it
- Did he take care of dogs as well? -Yes
-So did you meet Che Guevara? -I met him. His feet were like this big
-Swollen? -Inflamed. He was a doctor
-And how was he? -Good, good, good...
you couldn't ask for anything more
Come in son, come in
It's very hot
Excuse me but I'm interested in the whole story
Let me set up the fan
Sit down over there son
You Know, the Soviet Union lasted 70 years
Organizing all that wasn't easy
Everybody here was a revolutionary!
Because batistians were catching you at three in the morning
and the mothers couldn't live
I was 20, they brought away a boy of the neighborhood
that went away to the countryside
They shot him and killed him
All those from 15 to 30 years old
suspected to go to the Sierra Maestra to help the guerrilleros...
They killed them
That's why Revolution triumphs
And what do young people think about the Revolution today?
They don't want it. Because they pay little money
Young people want to travel...
The excess of ideological propaganda and politics in our life since childhood
made most young Cubans apathetic
They don't want to talk about politics, they don't want to deal with social issues
They want to leave the country, to go away, to buy nice clothes
Nowadays, in Cuba, the word “Revolution” doesn't have any connotation
For us "Revolution" doesn't mean movement, Revolution is not change
Revolution is immobilism, it's power, it's an old generation
that holds the country's wheel
So, young people don't identify with this rhetoric and...
between solving the country's problems and their personal troubles,
they choose for individualism and focus on themselves
Do you speak english?
I speak Cuban
Where did you find it?
I have more
Do you want some?
-No, but if you find one, don't touch it -No, no
-Do you live in Italy? -Yes
-Is it far? -Very far. In Florence
Going this way or that?
This way but...
-And are you sure she wants to marry me? -Of course she will marry you
It's convenient to her...
because she wants to bring away her child
Because I already tried with a boat, but the State caught me
About two years ago
With a boat?
I spent a lot of money for a motorboat
-How much did the trip cost? -No, I did it on my own
With your own boat?
Yes, with a motorboat
Did they catch you?
Yes, they stopped me in international waters
-The Cuban authorities? -The authorities
-What did they do to you? -They brought me back
But where do people buy Dolce and Gabbana, Emporio Armani...?
There's a house close by here where they sell any kind of t-shirts
-Legally or illegally? -Illegally
Can you take us there?
So let's go now
Fidel helps poor people because in such a poor country
he gives free medicine. Even if there is no money
nobody dies, not even a child
This rice is for the whole month
For one person?
For two!
There isn't...
It's really depressing to me to see that most of the people
believe the solution is jumping on a boat to Florida
or looking for a visa and going to Spain
For this reason we must create more agreement about the fact
that this is not “their” country
This is “our” island and “our” children's
So it isn't worth going away
We must stay here and try to change things
-Where does it come from? -From the Dominican Republic
Who brings them to you?
A friend of ours
-Make me a good price -20 pesos (20 dollars)
20 pesos? I pay the same in Italy...
In the factories they give workers cigars every day
For free: ten, ten, ten
So we buy cigars from them, with wrappers
Then here in Cuba there's a box factory
We go there, we buy them and we fill them
All Cubans say: I work in a factory
My brother works in a factory
my uncle works in a factory, my father works in a factory
Lies, all lies
This is a Romeo y Julieta
Does the money we give you go to the State?
To me! Not to the State!
Do you know how much the State sells this for? 280 dollars. A 25 piece box
And these are small, the long ones cost 448 dollars
Raul is bad
Didn't he change anything?
To worse. Bad, bad, bad...
I believe the greatest change among the governments of Raul and Fidel Castro
is that Raul does shorter speeches
Allowing Cubans to legally buy a computer
to sign up for a mobile phone's contract or to rent a hotel room
those are changes that didn't directly affect our lives
We already had a black market for all of this
In the specific case of hotels
prices are so high that which Cuban can really afford it? Very few
Most of the Cubans you see in the hotels today don't live in Cuba
They are exiled or invited by an exile
For example, someone that lives in Germany
comes back to Cuba for a couple of weeks and invites his family to stay in a hotel
Anyway, there's a class of "new rich"
Who are they? Law officiers, army servicemen, musicians, sportsmen,
people who can travel and who have a correct ideological vision
and because of this are allowed to make some money
We have to pay a monthly rent
Is it because you're a landlord?
Every month we have to pay 580 dollars to the government
cause you've got two rooms?
580!  Whether you have tourists or not
This always belonged to the family. Before it was owned by my wife's aunt
Then by another aunt...
who during the Revolution's triumph went to the United States
and my wife's dad became the owner
How much would it cost to buy a house like this?
No way, that's impossible
Nobody earns enough money?
It's worth a lot, like a huge golden egg
I would like very much to go to Europe
To know, to visit...
..to teach what I know and learn what other people know
Is it like for the landlord? Do you have to pay for a state licence?
Yes, a licence
This way you can make classes...
And how much is it for an hour of dancing class?
Ten dollars for one hour and a half
You learn dancing when you're a child, like her...
Let's see with Obama...
Because here the shops...
now lack basic goods
They're empty
What do you think about Obama?
Oh, don't even speak about that
At this moment I think Obama in Cuba is more popular than Raul Castro
Because Barack Obama is a young man
And he's half-blooded
And in Cuba we are years from having a black or mulatto president
There are great expectations about him
I only complain that we are waiting for him
to change things in here. And we are not doing anything
to change things with our own hands
Do I have to wait here till you call me?
Yes, you have to
But do I have to wait right here?
Yes, wait
What is this?
Coppelia, to take ice cream
Ice cream! Is it that good, people do such a queue?
What time does it open?
It is open
My grandpa first bought it
Your grandfather?
-Yes. Then, it passed to my dad -And now to you...
How much is it for a car in Cuba?
Well, this car is now worth 10.000 dollars
-Ten thousand dollars! -Ten thousand
We are members of an antique cars club
sponsored by the city's mayor
So he helps us out with the spare parts
There are cars that don't work anymore
Maybe they had an accident... so they give us those parts
If I would be in Italy I'd be rich because...
...everybody has a lot of money to pay for repair
Of course, we never get anything fixed, they just change pieces and that's it.
We do that instead. Here there are some like those too. They are “change mechanics”
But when they've got to face innovation, like this...
No! It doesn't work, you've got to buy a new one
This one does a dozen miles per gallon
This is going to be the biggest one
-Who is building it? -French people
-French people with the cuban government? -Yes
How many rooms are there?
Hundreds in each building
Are there italians as well?
Yes, further ahead
Which companies?
I don't know, the Italians sign contracts with Cuba to build hotels
Are there from all of Europe?
-As well - Germany, Spain, but not the United States
No, not yet
There’s a rule about fuel consumption
If you consume it too much, you’ve got to reduce
There are factories, smaller ones,
that don’t have a big role in the country’s economy
where the whole staff is sent on holidays
-To avoid them consuming too much power? -They call it summer holiday
but they’re forced to take it...
It’s called the “Energetic Revolution”
They delivered electrical appliances
stoves, light bulbs, refrigerators...
they changed the Russian ones for the Chinese ones
They are more efficient
well, the russian ones for the Chinese ones
How can you get out of the country?
With a letter of invitation from a tourist or a relative who lives in another country
Or with a marriage to a foreigner
They are the only two ways to get out of Cuba
Where would I go? Anywhere
Europe, North America, whatever country
Families push many young girls
to be the pillar of their family's economy
I don't think this is a natural condition for Cuban women
Simply, what lead us to this is our economy
And especially the loss of ethical values
Where are you from, France?
Wow, Italy. Go Italy!
Don’t record this
-Are you recording? -Of course
No, please
Ok, I stop it
She lives in Italy for 11 years, with her husband and a child
Would you like to go there?
I really hope so
-Are you looking for a girl? -A girlfriend..
Why? Do you want to be my girlfriend?
Yes I do
You can come to Italy with me, I'll put you in my suitcase
No, she's chubby. She would break it!
Well, she can stay on a seat
What are you going to do now?
A party here?
Yes, with music. Only us
Only Italian boys and Cuban girls can get in
Let’s have a party then
-Yes, come on -Let's buy a bottle...
Look at my baby...
To rent a room?
No, listen, I've got a girlfriend
Yes, but in Italy
She asked me to rent a room and go do some “fucky fucky”
But do you charge me?
- Who? -You?
No, but if you want to give me a little gift...
A gift?
No, I'm sorry, I don't like to do those things
Nothing, sorry
You're cowards!
Excuse me. Are you italian or not?
So, what do you do? Don't you want to make love with cuban girls?
All italians when they come here they want to make love
If you are visiting Cuba don't you want to make love with a girl?
Of course you've got to pay. A girl in Italy is expensive.
Well. If you like a Cuban girl there's no problem
Over here I've got a flat, over there four flats
How much is it for a girl?
I don't know, you've got to talk to her
How much do you charge more or less?
50 dollars
Well, in Italy a girl costs a lot...
I'll speak to the girl, no problem for 40
Here in the house, no problem
The house costs 10
Everything for 50 dollars, you only have to give ten for the private house
You make love with the girl, they have 47 different positions, no repeated ones!
In Cuba 20, 30 dollars, the girls...
Family doesn't have a key role in the individual's education any more
it passed it to the State. But the State can't educate everybody
This way ethical values have been lost and this is
the perfect breeding ground  for prostitution
Mulatta: envy of the white women, perdition of the black
All the girls must be paid
If you don't like them I can look for other ones
- Did the girls leave? -Yes
Here in Cuba everybody is equal. Everything is rationed
Wealthy people live in Miramar
the most residential district of Havana
Those are people who work for the government
How many tourists come here every year?
How many come here in Havana?
How much money comes in here every year?
Where does it go?
You've been walking through the central streets
This is Havana's heart
The buildings...
they are crumbling away!
We won't give you 56
Nothing happens
The party is one
The generation is old. And there must be a change
There's not any blinder man than the one who doesn't want to see
But there can be Fidel, Julio, Aurora...
there can be Jacopo, Giammarco, whoever
Whoever takes the power, the principle is only one
It's just one line, and it has been drawn by him
That's why this government doesn't fall
They say there will be a continuity
that there is a new generation that will carry on their work
I don't think so. And I don't believe that after them
younger people really interested in continuity will show up
In fact, they are pretenders, opportunists
Now they wear a mask and applaud
but when the big bosses will not be there to watch over them anymore
we don't know, when they'll take the mask off, who they really are
Whether they are liberal or chronic reformists
whether they're Gorbachev or Yeltsin
What's going to happen now if Castro and his brother die?
Well, my son, you can imagine. It will be worse
I think so, I don't know
When they will not be here anymore, will young people change everything?
People don't do anything here now
Nobody speaks...
I don't go out often, I stay at home...
It works just fine, what you need is to know how to work
This man is slowly fading away, and his brother will follow
This is a biological reality that nobody can avoid
They now have got the power. I have got the time, being 33 years old
to hope to be able to change things
Don't you know who Che Guevara is?
Didn't you study who Che is?
At school...
What did Che Guevara do?
Don't you know?
Live on communism and freedom
Red Flag will triumph...