The Little Bank that Saved Christmas!

Uploaded by drdduke on 21.12.2010

It seems the Federal Reserve Bank is not content with stealing trillions of dollars from the
American people and giving your money to criminal International banks. Now we find out that
they are even waging war on our beautiful American tradition of Christmas. The FED has
quietly forced tens of thousands of our small town, private banks and financial institutions
across America to stop celebrating Christmas. The FED even forbids employees of private
banks to wear Merry Christmas buttons or to display any Christian Christmas decorations
such as crosses or nativity scenes. But the FED bosses didn't count on a tiny little bank
in a small Oklahoma town to stand up to them. Here's a clip
from a local TV news channel. The overwhelming majority of us, the American people, over
80 percent, support Christmas as a Christian holiday. This is David Duke. Whether you are
a Christian or not, our holiday of Christmas is intrinsically woven into our America heritage
and indeed in all of our European civilization. And anyone of good cheer and tolerance regardless
of religious viewpoint will find beauty in the values that Christmas promotes: peace
on earth, goodwill toward men. As my video, The War on Christmas shows, there is an intense
war being waged upon us, taking away our beautiful Christmas traditions and values from us and
our children. This war is led not by Buddhists, Muslims or even atheists. It is led by a 2
percent, small minority, and frankly it is the same group that has controlled the Federal
Reserve for decades. For twenty four years the FED was ruled by Chairman Alan Greenspan,
and since 2005 by Ben Shalom Bernanke. The vice chairman from 2005 was Donald Kohn who
was replaced in 2010 by vice-Chairman Janet Yellen. Not one of them, not Greenspan, not
Kohn, not Yellen and certainly not Ben Shalom Bernanke celebrates Christmas, they all celebrate
Hanukkah, which a celebration of a military victory against other races they did not want
to mix with, the Greeks of Syria. The Greeks didn't discriminate against them, in fact,
much like Americans today, they accepted them and assimilated with them, but for that they
were massacred and along with them, Jews who wanted peace and who assimilated with the
Greeks were massacred too. What a difference between Christmas and Hanukkah on represent
peace and love, the other war and hate. Here's a quote from the Jewish supersite: Hanukkah
represents resistance to assimilation. The same thing is going on today. They don't want
to assimilate with us, they want to destroy us and our heritage .Political scientist Benjamin
Ginsberg, in his well known book The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State, wrote:"Religious
symbols and forms of expression that Jews find threatening have been almost completely
eliminated from schools and other public institutions. Suits brought by the ACLU, an organization
whose leadership and membership are predominantly Jewish, secured federal court decisions banning
officially sanctioned prayer in the public schools and crèches and other religious displays
in parks and public buildings. At the same time Christian Christmas symbols are banned,
Menorahs which celebrate Jewish ethnic chauvinism and supremacism -- are put up by the thousands
on public land and in public buildings. They are sponsored mostly by Chabad Lubavitch that
teaches that the only purpose of Gentiles on earth (that's you) are to serve Jews. Hard
to believe isn't it. But here are the very recent words of Rabbi Yosef, the recent Chief
Rabbi of Israel and you can find his words in the Jerusalem Post. Quote, "the sole purpose
of non-Jews (that's you) is to serve Jews The Goyim were born only to serve us. They
have no place in the world - only to serve the people of Israel. He goes on, "Why are
Gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will sow, we will reap. We will
sit like an Effendi [Master] and eat. That's why Gentiles were created."And boy that just
about sums up the Federal Reserve doesn't it? Watch my video Christmas versus Hanukkah
and get the facts on the real meaning of Hanukkah.But in a great story of American resistance, the
little Payne County Bank stood up to the mighty FED and whipped their ass. The FED had to
rescind their demand to the bank to get rid of Merry Christmas buttons and Christian symbols.
But remember, Payne County Bank won because our people stood up and supported their courageous
bank. Even the politicians had no choice but to get involved or feel the wrath of the people!
Now it is time for all of us to do the same thing across America, across Europe, Australia
and wherever our people yearn to be free. As I have told you before, the power of enemies
is based more on illusion than reality. Their power is like that of the Wizard in the Wizard
of Oz. It's just smoke and mirrors. We are the vast majority and we hold the real power
if we just stand up courageously and use it. Not only are we the vast majority of the population.
We are the vast majority in government, military, science, academia, business, law, and the
vast majority of workers, management, students and taxpayers in every nation. If we simply
stand up in unity we can change everything. We can restore our freedom and our heritage.
Without our consent, not even the wheels of transportation or business could turn for
a single minute. Everything would come to a stop. The day is coming when we will fill
the streets just as when our people did when they overthrew the communist paper tiger that
crushed the people Eastern Europe. If Payne County Bank can win, so can we. We just have
to spread the truth and stand up together, tell the truth, be courageous, and we will
win! The Wizards of finance and media are political influence are nothing but a ridiculous,
pathetic little creeps behind the curtain, As I have said before, they are kind of like
Woody Allen. None of us need to walk in silence any more. God Bless you and Merry Christmas
to you and yours! And Merry Christmas to all those good men and women who supported that
little bank which saved Christmas! Now, together we will save much more than Christmas. We
will save the very life, heritage and the freedom of the people, your people, your children.