Leading-Edge Medical Innovation for Silicon Valley

Uploaded by ElCaminoHospital on 11.10.2011

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>> Medical innovation is changing [background music] the
landscape of healthcare,
an advanced acute hospitals like ours.
As the hospital of Silicon Valley,
El Camino Hospital has always been true
to the entrepreneurial spirit
of the high tech community it supports,
innovating pushing the envelope, delivering leading-edge care.
For 50 years since the doors opened on our first facility,
we have been raising the bar for healthcare in our area.
Today, we strive to innovate in every aspect of our approach
from technology and equipment to the programs
and services we provide, even
to the way we deliver patient care to the bedside.
Innovation is simply woven unto the fabric of our organization
and it shows in so many ways.
>> The new hospital was actually made with 5 hybrid ORs
in the Cath Lab which is just not something you'd see
in any other hospital today.
>> And we have a CyberKnife with the latest RoboCouch.
We treated over 70 patients to date.
We've had a very successful program.
>> We have ways of recreating three-dimensional images
of the heart or of the lungs or of the colon
and we can take those things and rotate them
in multiple dimensions so that the surgeon knows exactly what
they need to do before they operate on a patient.
>> You see a surgeon leave the bedside to go to a consult
and actually operate adaptation in a consult for robotic surgery
>> I had surgery and it was with the da Vinci.
That improved my recovery.
It just saved me a lot pain and a lot of time recovering.
>> Some of the most recent things are advances
in artery care to the legs, advances with treating bowels
that are problematic without open surgery.
We have very advanced information technology
where our nurses are and our physicians are coding
and collecting information as a patient is being cared for,
and we can actually take that information and we can pull it
out of the patient's record and we can use it in order
to take care for similar types of patients.
>> Even in nutrition services there's ways
that technology could have been used such as doing like,
you know, having a computer at the bedside
and doing sort a real-time menu ordering with the patients.
>> We use some robots that help in the kitchen
where it actually helps us deliver products to patients.
>> There are a whole lot of procedures
that are being done here that obviously have not been done
in the past with the expertise that we have here.
>> We've taken a big giant step forward and we continue
to take giant leaps forward now with a new ECHO systems
>> I think it's taking innovation and applying it
to the best medicine we can.
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