Presents: "Favorites"

Uploaded by GoGeocaching on 20.10.2011

My name is Katie and this is Bethany, we are new geocachers.
and we are down at the Pike’s Place Market hoping to find: Double Bubble Toil in Trouble.
BETHANY: This cache is unique in Seattle because it’s a favorite.
It’s one of the top five favorite points of caches in the city.
Yeah, okay, let's go.
CONTACKJACK: My name is John Grossman and this is my 6 year old son James.
We’re here outside the Philadelphia main branch of the public library.
And we’re here to find one of our favorite caches: Anne Rice’s “The Mummy”.
The way this cache was created, carved, and hiding in plain sight,
that’s one of my favorite things about geocaching and I think this is a perfect example of that.
So, every ten geocaches that you find you can award a favorite point of your favorite caches that you found out of that segment.
A cache deserves a favorite point when it’s multi-faceted, unusual and leaves the average cacher… amazed.
Here at Pella, Iowa 49 and holding has almost 100 points.
NYTEPYRE: Favorite points are a way for a cacher to let a cache owner know
beyond just writing in the log that they really enjoyed it, that it's one of their favorites
KATIE: Then other people who come to that area can search through hide and seek a cache,
and just click on the blue ribbon, and it will display all the favorite caches in that area.
It has 125 favorite points. BETHANY: What!?
NYTEPYRE: And since favorite points are limited it gives great value to the system.
It can encourage both the cache owner and the cacher to place hides of that caliber in the future.
KATIE: This is it.
BETHANY: Be discrete when receiving the cache.
KATIE: Many muggles. Yep, check, muggles.
KATIE: Ewww BETHANY: Ok, “Never seen this wall before,
somewhat nauseating but inviting the sweet fruity aroma filling the air."
Does it smell sweet and fruity? KATIE: Yes
BETHANY: [Sniff] Woo! Yeah!
CONTACTJACK: You remember where it was? Where is it?
I can picture Cary Grant pullin’ this particular cache out of it’s location
and gettin’ the information out of it and then puttin’ it back for the next spy.
it’s just James Bond, Agatha Christie, it’s got all the stuff written all over it.
NYTEPYRE: As a community we benefit by seeing more and more caches that have creative camouflage
and fantastic locations that we might not have visited without having the cache
BETHANY: That one has an icicle on it!
KATIE: Thanks for the cache, it’s going to be one of our favorites.