Getting Started With Android & iOS Devices

Uploaded by ProjectEndeavorCSD on 07.04.2011

Hello Everyone! Welcome to our CSDLIVE Webcast. I am Sergei Giterman.
Today’s topic is getting started with Android & iOS devices.
Those two operating systems are on the rise and popular.
Many of you are trading in your old phones for new ones. Rest assured, today’s smartphones
are nothing like the old ones you had. You will
pick it up in no time. A friendly reminder, have you any questions,
feel free to email us at Now you are probably wondering
Android. iOS. What is that?
Here’s a simple example. Windows. It is an operating system used to
run your PC computer. Similar to android and ios. Those two
are used to operate smartphones. Android is google owned and operated while ios is apple
Now, I use two well known smart phone brand names as examples. Evo 4g and iphone.
Basic hardwares. What is that? Physical parts built on phones. For example
On/off power buttons. Volume up/down buttoms. Home/back button. Lots of similarities. Different
positions. Some is not shown because it is built in the screen.
Now we are shifting our focus to the features inside the screen. Notification/status bar.
Lets you know how much battery life left. Your coverage,
whether it is good or bad. Receives mails/texts and so on
Look at the top. That is the notification bar. Android on this side. Curious about what
programs still are running or want know who emailed you. Go ahead
and pull down the bar like a window shade as it will
show you the details. That is iOS. Similar notification bar but
the details will pop up instead. You probably have seen the word APP on numerous
occasions. It is simply another word for computer software
designed to perform specific tasks. Instead of typing in
the website name, you simply click on a desired thumbnail. Now where to get apps? Let’s
go Shopping
Ready built in your phone. Click on it and you will be whisked to a virtual mall. You
will see a directory list with multiple categories. Some applications
will cost you. However, there are many just as cool
applications for free. That is iOS. Now, what are you going to do
with all the shopping bags? It will be downloaded into your phone
Granted, one of your primary reasons why you wanted either phone is the ability to video
chat. Iphone has an application named facetime.
However, it only communicates with apple-related products. But, don’t let that stop you.
Fortunately, there is ever growing number of cross-platform applications. Meaning it
works on both operating systems. One example
Skype. Another cool example. Fring
4 ways Whats that mean?
That’s right. You can chat with up to 4 people simultaneously.
Time is running out. We will continue to delve into this later. Thanks for watching. Hope
to see you next time. Ciao.