49er Democracy Experience - Alex McMillan

Uploaded by unccharlottevideo on 19.09.2012

>> Alex McMillan
The first thing that put me on the first major task was to develop the content for an all-inclusive
app for the DNC.
The Host Committee was responsible for a little tab that was just called "Charlotte."
And we went through and I think right now there's 125 local venues for anything from
restaurants, to music, to bars.
Anything we felt was unique to Charlotte culture, that wasn't a chain, and we put this all in
a really neat app that anybody can download for free.
When you're at our screen of the app, you're going to have two dials.
One for the time that you're willing to spend and one for the distance you're willing to
travel from your current location's GPS tracked.
So, once you've plugged that in, we've gone through and put in all of the addresses of
the 125 venues and the approximate time it would take to go to each one.
So, it would narrow them down.
So, if you have two hours and are willing to travel five miles from where you are.
So that's going to narrow it down to a handful of choices.
And you have twelve categories that you can go through, things like farm-to-fork foodie,
there's barbeque and brews, there's for kids, there's just several different categories
that narrow it down even further.
Or, you can just hit "all" and have all the time and distance in the world and get all
125 places.