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Silence, high concentration
Even the cheering from the audience will not interrupt his concentration
He said
I can’t remember anything
There was no fear.
And there wasn't loneliness
There was nothing, but concentration
How many people in the audience, how many cheers
He can hear the cheering
As they will be felt
Boxer's Wing Episode 2 Emperor, Continues with a second legend
Scene: GomTV Backstage
Today's GSL #2 round of 16
They are taking boxer's profile photos
I don't think this is mine
I don't think this is needed
Boxer had a bad feeling about this
Boxer's opponent also felt nervous about today's match
A contestant from China, Loner
Today they will be playing a major StarCraft 2 tournament, The GSL
This is Boxer's first major StarCraft 2 tournament, so he's also feeling nervous
GSL is a monthly tournament, so if you want to become a champion, you will need to have the skill for it
As for me, I tend to just win games and but I don’t yet have the skill of a champion
And I will need time to increase my skills, only then I will win a championship
I think so
I'm going up
Ga-Yeon whispers encouragements in Boxer's ear
Boxer's mother also came to watch his match
Boxer's mother should be more nervous than him, she didn't tell Boxer about her visit
It was a long time ago
While watching a finals match, I got too nervous and got this half facial nerve paralysis
Therefore I am avoiding watching his matches
Loner was runner up in WCG
Ga-Yeon is watching nervously in the audience
Boxer won the match with ease with 2:0
Thank god!
You've been doing well
I heard you did not get good sleep
The pressure was too high, there was no joy even though I won the game
Don't worry too much
Boxer is a son that makes his mother proud
It's been a while since the last family dinner like this
How many Terrans got into Round of 8?
About the same as other races
Every other race? - Yes.
How do you think you'll do, matching up with Nada
Just going to relax and play with the same mind set as other matches
When Boxer dines with his family, Ga-Yeon will also join
Boxer's family likes Ga-Yeon's cheerful personality
Dad, have some meat
When Boxer brought his girlfriend home, he was actually very innocent
We wanted to get along nicely with Ga-Yeon
She often took the initiative to get along with us
If she was someone else, we will just sit there silently
She's able to brighten up the atmosphere
Everyone feels happy when she's around
Boxer's sister seems to like Ga-Yeon a lot
However the dad hasn't said anything
Dad also likes her
Really? Then how come he's not saying anything
Dad is a person of few words, he's actually happy now
Boxer's dad, do you like Ga-Yeon?
Not opposing to their relationship?
When I saw the photograph, I was against it
Because she's older, and her forehead
But I felt differently when I met her in person
She looks around 20 something (years old)
Sweet talker and good with house work
Unlike the other girls, who are shy and not good with house work
She's very good with house work and took the initiative to clean up dishes
I think Boxer will do good living with her
Lovers only need love from each other
Despite people, who have different standards, there's nothing greater than love
They properly have commitment for their future
Of course I want to marry Ga-Yeon. More importantly, is when
Shes been really nice to me, I want to marry her for sure
For someone this good, I need to marry her before others get a chance to do so
Darling, I know you’ve been working hard
But don't worry, I will be better to you in the future. I love you!
3 days before round of 8
Ga-Yeon does grocery shopping for Boxer
and she cooks meals for Boxer
When in SKT1, the care taker lady would cook for him
He now eats more than he used to
I'll also need to prepare supper for him
However hes skinner than when he was back on SKT1.
Amazing, huh?
Ga-Yeon bought some dry cabbage, which is healthy.
Ga-Yeon comes to look after Boxer everyday
Even the neighbours knows about her good will.
People in this grocery store thought I live around here
Grocery stores near my house, I’ll visit only three or four times a year
But here, I go once every two days. So they thought I live near by
She starts preparing dinner for the evening
Boxer has been home all day with the coach
He isn't aware of dinner time
I'm home
You’re home?
I haven't eaten whole day
Let's start dinner
Look at this table, it's like a Internet cafe
Ga-Yeon been out half a day, and the practice room is already a mess
Put on an apron
Going to clean up a bit, then start cooking dinner
Ga-Yeon has looked after Boxer for 4 months now.
Ga-Yeon don't you find it tiring?
How many chances like this do you get in a life time?
...chances to do something for your boyfriend
Many people don’t get these chances
to support her boyfriend from the back
There's actually not many chances.
Even with my age, I was still able to see my boyfriend complete his military service
Ga-Yeon made [Unknown Dish 1] and Kimchi soup
And so, a delicious dinner is now ready
Because the whole day is spent practicing, meal time is the only time for rest
The coach is teasing Boxer
Do you think Lee, Na-Yin (actress on TV) is prettier than Ga-Yeon?
Why do you ask?
There's no question
She's listening
So, who's prettier?
Honey, you should answer it honestly
No need to answer this question
I won't answer it
You need to answer it, who's prettier?
Having someone caring and encouraging him Boxer won't feel lonely
It's the day for round of 8
Having been practicing the whole night, Boxer is snoozing right now
I did not sleep well last night, I'm so tired
First time I saw someone so concentrated for their career
When we act a dramatic scene, we need to put in emotions
Its very hard to get emotional and be concentrated at the same time
But still, that's nothing compared to him
Boxer is having an extraordinary match today
Seoul Visual Media High School
He is playing against Nada
That's Nada, the Genius Terran
They used to be the top players back in Starcraft Brood War
They would have very intense matches,
which were followed closely by their fans
And they never once disappointed their fans
Now in different arena, they will once again face off against each other
How much did you practice?
Same amount as you
Geniuses don't need to practice!
If a genius practices, then no one else will have a chance!
Although Boxer did not express it, he knows Nada is a formidable opponent
When I first saw the season brackets, I thought there would be no chance to play against Nada
But here we are
Boxer and Nada
Their last match was in December 2009. Now a year later, they meet again
There are 5 times more spectators in the live audience
And over 3 million views on the Internet
The audience is packed
This is very encouraging. Seeing so many people turn up to see the games means StarCraft 2 is getting a lot of publicity
So many people came to see the match live, even more tuned in on the web
This shows the reason for players to want to get into the final
It's to promote themselves, and to promote the game
They are also able to show their skill
So many people came to watch me playing against Nada, I am pumped
Today will be a new page in the history of eSports.
I'm here to see Boxer play.
I like him, I have been watching his game since 2000 when I was still in my 30s
I wish Nada would win the championship
To prove he still has the skill
Results of Boxer’s and Nada’s matches are 22 to 23
Nada has the advantage by 1, but there is no telling who will win today's match
A match between the Emperor and the Genius Terran, let's cheer for them
No matter who wins today, eSport fans will be happy
Set 1, Nada took the initial attack
Nada uses Marines, Boxer will need to build some Bunkers to defend this
Ga-Yeon is showing that she is nervous
Nada's attacks get more and more aggressive
Nada pushes with Marines and Tanks
Meanwhile Boxer uses a Banshee trying to find opportunities, but Nada’s defenses are too strong.
Finally, Boxer GGs
Nada took the first set
This is Boxer's first loss
Ga-Yeon can't watch this anymore
I couldn't stand no more, I felt nauseous
Ga-Yeon is too nervous, she couldn't even stand
Boxer lost his first set, so he must win the next
Take down the Raven!
This time Boxer took down Nada's Raven, and poured on the aggression
In the end, Nada lost the 2nd set
Yes, he did it
I feel like I'm shortening my life watching this
You see, my hands are still shaking
I'm already not as young!
Watching each match is like losing 5 years of my life
Score is 1:1, a tied game.
Nada took his jacket off
The Emperor and the Genius Terran, only one can win
Set 3 is about to start
Nada uses Hellions
Boxer opted for Banshee
Nada drops hellions into Boxer's main
To follow up his attack, Nada teched to Thors
Boxer predicted Nada's attack timing and has already set up a defense line
How much advantage does Nada have?
Unexpectedly, Boxer manages to defend this perfectly
This will be Nada's last attack
Boxer won the 3rd set!
Despite losing his first set, Boxer manages to reverse the score
If Nada loses this set, Boxer will advance to the Semi-finals
This happened few minutes after set 4 started
After the nuke lands, they will have to fight over positioning
The first that manages to capture this position will have the upper hand
Both act with precision and speed
Boxer avoided the nuke damage and charges forward towards Nada's force
Boxer pushes Nada’s army all the way back to Nada’s base.
Nada tries to setup a defense line, but was outnumbered
This could be the last set!
Both players need to push themselves to the max!
Boxer reaches Nada's natural with Vikings and Tanks
The pressure is on Nada
Boxer remains concentrated as he takes the 4th set
And the match finally ends
3:1, with a brilliant comeback from Boxer
The first person Boxer wants to share the joy with is Ga-Yeon
Boxer, how are you feeling?
I feel like a champion
There has been a lot of intense pressure but finally Boxer was able to relax
I almost cried, but i'm holding it for the final
Today's match will be unforgettable
It felt like a grand final match with Nada
Both of us came from StarCraft Brood War, we were friends as well as rivals
Winning against Nada is the first achievement in my StarCraft 2 career
Therefore I felt extremely happy after I won the game
After the round of 8, Boxer went home to visit his parents
It's been a while
I went home once during memorial day and again during festival
I don't come back home as often as i used too.
Come inside
You’re all cold
Boxer's mum has prepared a delicious meal for him
Boxer is the youngest in the family with 3 older sisters
Boxer's parents are proud of him
Boxer received most of his encouragements from his parents
They are also the ones that worry about him the most
Are there going to be professional teams in StarCraft 2?
That's what the players are working on right now
Boxer's father already knows eSports inside out
He would never have thought that his son will be known as the Emperor in StarCraft Brood War
Boxer is an ordinary boy, he's shy
Despite showing his passion for computer games, he never let his parents worry about him
Boxer was nice and gentle when he was young. He never talked back to his parents
nor did he argue with his parents
When he wasn't home, I would go to the Internet cafes to look for him, I’d find him concentrating on playing a game
When he saw me, he would stop playing and come home right away
Even someone as gentle as Boxer surprised his parents during senior high school
[Photo taken in front of girls change room]
In 2nd term, 3rd year of senior high, he decided to play StarCraft as a professional
He was already so concentrated on the game
That was an important period of time to prepare for advancement to university
I got mad at him: "how are you going to get into university if you don't study for it!"
Boxer did not try to convince his parent verbally
When he was 20, he came back with a championship trophy
I think it was October 28th, 1999
He took the championship of a tournament
When he won, he told me that he has already decided his future
Starting from his first trophy in 1999, all his glory remains in this room
a room full of trophies, Boxer used the last 10 years to repay his parents
When mine or mum's friend visited, they were all pleased about Boxer's achievements
They were all overwhelmed by it and said "that's Boxer"
I was really happy when I heard that. So were you, right?
You can do this! Give this one more try!
An unmatchable historical achievement
Memory can be the best motivation to start a new goal
That was a spectacular era
When was your peak? 2001?
Boxer did not win any award after 2006
And couldn't win a championship since retirement from military service
So the desire for a champion is even stronger
I think I only satisfied half of my fans
I've already been thinking of winning a championship, as a player
Because of this reason, I am still passionate in competition
Maybe we are yet to see the era of Boxer
Today, Boxer is going to meet someone special
And is going to introduce Ga-Yeon to this someone
Boxer's old fan, Congressman Won, Hee-Ryong
Nice to meet you
You recognize my girl friend, right?
Your face looks smaller than in TV, and prettier
Thank you
This is the first time congressman Won met Ga-Yeon
You got a small face
It's the opposite to me, right? I got a big face
When Boxer was about to leave ACE team, there were some rumors causing trouble for Boxer. Congressman Won helped Boxer out a lot back then
When Boxer was competing in StarCraft Brood War, he often showed up in the audience. He is an genuine fan of Boxer's
Have you played StarCraft 2?
A little bit. I want to, but I'm still a beginner in StarCraft BroodWar
StarCraft 2 has simpler control and interface, if you want to learn
I can train you up a bit, you can get better faster
Last Autumn festival (September), I cancelled all my schedules to make room for practicing StarCraft 2 I can train you up a bit, you can get better faster
Last Autumn festival (September), I cancelled all my schedules to make room for practicing StarCraft 2
Unfortunately a rare storm flood occurred, I ended up having to assist in the disaster zone
So I want to try it out this Winter
Boxer and Congressman Won met through eSport. Without StarCraft, they would never get to know each other
Congressman Won is very supportive of Boxers move to StarCraft 2
A real fan does not care about results alone.
A real fan has the ability to support his idol even when they are in trouble
They are able to allow their idol to move on to a new challenge, that's the real fan
I am this kind of fan
I hope you can be there in the audience when i am in the grand finals
Before, it's always been you watching me lose
But one day, I will make this dream come true
In a new starting point, receiving encouragement from others
This is the kind of encouragement that makes Boxer more confident
Boxer is already practicing again. I don't think I could do that
Ga-Yeon manages all kind of house work when she gets back
She doesn't look too happy
That is because Boxer lost his couple ring
I set a location for him to place his ring
This way, his ring won't go missing
Now he can't find it
I wasn't aware of it and have already vacuumed the house
It could be completely lost already, which makes me even more frustrated
Boxer is using all his time practicing
I found 100 won in the pocket. This will be mine
I also told him not to put paper in his pockets
Last time I was washing, there was a piece of paper in it and it made a big mess
What's wrong?
Oh?! you found it!
I found the ring
It was in the pocket
I have already gotten mad at him for losing the ring, I told him he has to pay 100,000 won as a penalty
I'll get him to pay 100,000 won and then tell him I found the ring
But before then, I'll still be acting mad at him
Pretending nothing has happened, Ga-Yeon continues to do house work
Ga-Yeon is making a napkin for Boxer using kitchen towels
Here comes Boxer
Seeing Ga-Yeon is still upset
Boxer felt sorry and starts to look for the ring
The penalty is 100,000 won, you should give them to me now. That's for losing your couple ring
Where could it be?
It can't be in the kitchen but still, Boxer tries to look for it
It should be somewhere in the house
Ga-Yeon holds from laughing out
Why don't you use a stapler
I'm afraid I might staple my hand
If you are still not wearing your ring in the semi-final, I shall raise the penalty to 1 million won
You cut it up very nicely
Suddenly the ring shows up
Ga-Yeon put it between the kitchen towels
Darling, you are such a fool
Huh? what?
Boxer, can you see it now?
Now he knows, he left it in his pocket
Boxer tries to muddle through with joke
I was thinking the ring got a bit dirty, so intentionally left it in the pocket for washing
Now look how can this be! As I expected
Why did you tell me to use fabric softener?
You did not? Then it needs a re-wash
Why didn't you add fabric softener? that's so unprofessional!
Quickly, put it on!
It's a bit tight, because you forgot to use fabric softener
I can't put it on
After a week of trouble, they finally found the ring
Boxer goes back to concentrating on the game
When Boxer is practicing, Ga-Yeon will play games she likes while sitting next to him
Only 2 days left until the round of 4
There is little time
The day before the round of 4, Boxer is experiencing strong shoulder pain
Boxer, how many hours do you practice a day?
In StarCraft Brood War, I practiced 18 to 24 games a day
That's the amount of games to maintain your skill level, not losing your touch
In StarCraft 2, I practice around 30 games, which will take up an entire day
If i play more than 30 games I'll start to feel ill. I even start to feel ill playing 30 games a day
Boxer seems like he’s not in his best condition
Ga-Yeon in the audience is worried about him
Boxer has used up to 3 medical relief pads on his shoulder. I am very worried.
Round of 4, set 1 begins
I need to go
The audience held their breath for the Emperor
Everyone is watching Boxer's 2nd challenge
He tried his best
No one is making a sound
Oh, no!
Boxer felt sorry to the audience because of his poor result.
Boxer lost
The audience is not cheering for the competitor
The fans are cheering for Boxer
We should go help them to make him smile.
They try to hide their tears from Boxer, not making him upset from seeing them cry.
Darling, you did a good job
Good game
You did good. It is spectacular that you got into round of 4
But got 4:0'ed in round of 4 - That's OK, you can do better next time
A complete loss, how is Boxer going to take this fact?
It's a good thing, tripped by a hurdle
Finding owns weakness is a positive thing
Thinking you "Lost because of luck" is a bad thing and will not make you play better
My 4:0 loss may shock my fans
But I think this is better for me
Sometime we hesitate or get beaten down by failure
And not everyone is able to get up from it
A wise man will learn his lesson from failure
To keep Boxer away from bad mood, Ga-Yeon changes subject
We haven't see a movie in 2 months
Do you want to see a movie?
My only interest is seeing a movie Do you want to see a movie?
My only interest is seeing a movie
Last movie you saw was "The Man from Nowhere", right
Yes, "The Man from Nowhere" was the last movie we saw
Ga-Yeon felt tired herself, but still she tries to brighten up the atmosphere
Boxer doesn't seem to be upset
Someone has been getting upset for me, even more upset than I do
That means I don't have to feel upset
Boxer changed to StarCraft 2 about 3 months ago, Ga-Yoen has been hard working for over 100 days
None of these days were wasted
GSL 3 is starting in 10 days
A total of 1500 people have signed up
Boxer, like one month ago, is fighting in the preliminaries
Boxer, you don't feel tired? How is this possible?
I keep playing games, as a thirty year old progamer because my fans just support me so much
Like all my competitors, all sports competitors - if there are no fans, it can only count as a hobby with friends.
Bot the fans come together and turn games into culture. The competitors, no matter how hard they try, cannot turn a game into culture
A lot of people coming together to create a new culture
That is the power of the fans.
Fans, Cheering for their Idols. their fans, supporting boxer, the emperor.
He will always be remembered as the one who chose the path few others did
the one who took responsibility for what he did, because he is the eternal emperor
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