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Episode 2: "Salitre"
Men's Restroom
Luta de Rua. Created by Ulysses Paiva
Look who's coming. Always late, pal.
Listen, you happen to be my boss?
Not your boss, but I know my responsibility.
And yours was to help those two.
Who's gonna say what's right or wrong here isn't you, bro.
Take it easy.
Tell me the truth. You were scared to
get your pretty face dirty...
Take your hand off me!
Oops! You got angry, uh?
You were afraid to be punched, you pussy!
Afraid to be punched? Me?
Bro, I can break your face apart right now!
Got it?
Then I'm gonna show you what it means to be really scared!
Come! Get up! Come!
Anyone else wants to fight?
Then the playing is over.
Boss! Everything is prepared for tonight.
Good. Where is Tocha and João Grande?
They were following a clue and went out to retrieve
the canister
What we're gonna do now without the canister?
Easy! Everything at the right time.
We continue as planned.
Don't look now. You've been followed
So you are the 03!
The only one who accomplished all trials from Captain Cesar.
Man, you're a legend!
You're from Project 47 too?
Not yet.
I need to finish this mission first so they will accept me on
the third class.
Third class?
It seems your class was the only that worked out.
They're trying to reproduce and enhance the results
but they didn't manage to do that yet.
This envelope right there is for you.
You have to take the canister to Dr. Vargas at the
Physics Department at the Federal University.
He is going to help you with that.
Your little friend is coming.
I am going to hold him and, when I say, you run.
Now, 03! Run!
Excuse me. Do you know where I can find Dr. Vargas Lab?
Professor Vargas?
Ask that guy over there.
Ok! Thank you.
Excuse me. I'm looking for Dr. Vargas.
Pal, unfortunately Dr. Vargas had to travel.
It's not gonna be possible.
I understand.
Ok! Thanks!
He told me he was expecting a special guest.
What else he told you?
He told me I can assist you in whatever you need.
My pleasure.
My name is Alan Peixoto
I'm Dr. Vargas assistant.
Can we talk at another place?
What happened to Dr. Vargas?
Dr. Vargas called me yesterday.
He was in a hurry and told me he'd leave the country.
What can I do for you?
The TR-34!
Where did you get this?
I took from those who stole it.
Tell me more about the canister.
Look, I don't work at CRCN
The few things I know comes from
small conversations I had with Dr. Vargas in some occasions
What else do you know about the TR-34?
I know it is a Top Secret project.
They were trying to develop a method of Cold Nuclear Fusion
To better understand
the actual Nuclear Power Plants use enriched uranium
to start a nuclear fission reaction.
This reaction produces a lot of energy
but energy in form of heat
This heat warms up water in large reservatories
and the resulting generated steam
is going to rotate turbogenerators.
They transform mechanical energy into electrical energy.
In the Cold Nuclear Fusion, the result is plasma
The plasma is the fourth state of matter.
For example, the stars are made of plasma.
Plasma is pure energy and in huge amount.
If what I heard is right,
they've managed to magnetically store plasma
in canisters like that,
and one canister like that, can generate energy
to supply a small town for several months.
So they intended to stole the canister to sell
it's technology in the black market?
It's much more profitable to sell this technology
than make terrorism with bombs.
How did they managed to stole this canister?
The Nuclear Science Regional Center (CRCN) is brand new.
Not all the security systems have been implemented yet.
I think they took some advantage on that.
Alan, I need a big favor from you.
I need you to keep this canister safe and
no one should know about it.
You can count on me.
Get ready. They're coming.
You know, buddy. It has been three months since
that woman left me and I still can't forget about her.
So, when you're going to have a girlfriend?
You know, buddy. I already told you about
my last relationship long time ago.
I've been through a lot ot things.
I'm not fully recovered from what happened.
So it's hard for me to be in a relationship again...
Hey! Look over there! Look at that!
Stop the car! Stop it! Let's help her!
Hey, hottie! Tell us what can we do for you.
Huh! You already did!
Boss, what is this?
Don't touch it. It's salitre.
So, this is what they use to make gunpowder?
This city needs a bit of fuss.
Pack it up and let's get out of here.
Shooting in the bathroom.
Written and Directed by Ulysses Paiva
He doesn't stop dancing!
"They were following a clue and went out to retrieve the canister"
It doesn't open!
It's just a scratch...
Aaaaaagh! Fuck it!
My foot?
Gotta stay this way?
Hands out of the pocket.
Need to stay relaxed.
"You're gonna be punched!"
No! Make it longer!
Both of you begging to be punched, huh?