Lessons for Healthy Living - Class 1 (excerpt)

Uploaded by BiblicalHealthTV on 30.05.2012

The title of this class is: Lions Donít Get Headaches. This is an introductory class that
will help you get an understanding of how your body works. By the time you leave today,
you will know when youíre hungry, what your body is asking for and what will satisfy those
needs. As you probably know, there is a lot of confusionÖhow many of you have ever been
to Barnes & Noble and visited the nutrition or health section? How many books are there?
Hundreds! How many opinions do you think there are? Hundreds and thousands of opinions. By
the time you leave today, you should have a firm understanding of what your body is
asking for and how it works. You will also understand the title of the class, Lions Donít
Get Headaches. How many of you think lions get headaches? We donít know, right?
When weíre making a change, when you make a change in your life, the first thing you
need to do is to learn to listen to your body. You have to learn what your body is saying
and then you have to learn how to respond appropriately. If you donít know what your
body is saying and you donít know how to respondÖ..we know how most of us respondÖwhat
do you do when youíre bored? Eat. Itís probably not an appropriate response. You will learn
how to respond appropriately.
The other thing I want to encourage you now that weíre going into a five week series,
is donít feel that you have to make all the changes at once. Everyone in this room is
an adult; youíve been living with yourself a long time. You probably know your personality.
If you donít have a very extreme personality, or a black and white type of personality where
you just do it or you donít do itÖ. then I encourage you to make gradual changes. Donít
think you have to rush into things. Because five weeksí worth of changes is going to
last you only about five weeks. Understand? This is really about lifetime changes or lifestyle
changes. You are much better off taking six months to make changes and staying with those
changes through your entire life than you are rushing into something that you canít
really hold on to. You need to know your own personality. My personality is such that when
I see something that I think is true, I convert overnight. But, not everyone is like that.
I encourage you to make gradual changes if that works best for you.
The first thing you need to learnÖ.for many of you the next couple of minutes will come
as quite a surprise: the first thing you have to do is learn how to feel hungry. Is everyone
here confident that you know what hunger is? What is hunger? Anyone?
Dr. Andrea: You can just say it out loud; we wonítÖ.what do you think hunger is?
Dr. Jeff: You can say it out loud. What is hunger? Now, is anyone here under five years
old? No. Youíve all been eating for a long period of time. Something is driving you to
eat, right? What is that force? When your stomach growls? Thatís right, when your blood
sugar dropsÖanyone else? Youíve all been eating: what drives you to eat? Twelve oíclock,
the time of day? Anyone else? Habit, pizzaÖ [laughing]. You see a certain food; pain in
your stomach, smell, mouth waters, advertisements, headaches, cravings, pregnancyÖ.[laughing],
what else? What are the other feelings that you get that you associate with hunger? Comfort,
uncomfortable, the shakes, does anyone get weakness or irritability? Anything else?
Let me ask you a question: Do you think when a lion is sitting under a tree in the plains
of Africa that they get the shakes when they get hungry? Or, do they get a headache or
pain in their stomach, get a little moody or a little attitude, or stand in front of
a refrigerator? Mostly this is a manís trait, right? You stand there like this, you look,
you close it, you wait three minutes, you hope something else appears, you open it again,
you say there is nothing else in there and then eventually you either walk away or eat
something youíre not in the mood for.
So, I am going to read a list of the things that I have heard in response to this question.
I have taught a class similar to this for about ten years. This is the list I have compiled
over the years, you will hear some of the things that you included: headache, fatigue,
weakness, moodiness, crankiness, pain in stomach, low blood sugar, dizziness, irritability,
nausea, listless, tired, empty stomach, bored, time of day, habit, cravings, foggy brain,
sick, low energy, acid stomachÖneed something to soothe stomach, and dissatisfied. I have
to tell you: not one single one of those things is hunger!
Those of you who have been following those feelings for thirty, forty, or twenty-five
years or however old you are, youíre following something that is not hunger. Now, if you
came to me (we have a chiropractic practice) and you said, ìDoc, I have this problem.
I feel sick, I feel nauseous, I feel tired all the time, Iím dizzy and I get headaches.î
What would I consider those things? Symptoms! Yet if youíre home and you think itís time
to eat, you consider those things signs of hunger. They are not signs of hunger. They
are signs of sickness.
As a matter of fact, if you want to take note, the least expensive diagnostic test you can
do, you can do it on yourself, it is very safe. All you have to do is to go without
eating for some length of time. For some of you that will be six hours, for some it will
be a day or so depending on. If you get any of these symptoms before you actually get
hungry, there is something wrong with your body.