Google I/O Sandbox Case Study: MOVL

Uploaded by GoogleDevelopers on 24.06.2011

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Alan Queen: We are an early-stage start-up out of Atlanta, Georgia.
And we create applications for smart TVs, such as Google TV.
What we're building are applications
that allow multiple people to interact with an application running on the TV,
but all using their smart phones as game controllers.
We have several apps out there now,
but one of them is actually in the Google TV Spotlight area right now.
And it's called We Draw.
And it is a Pictionary-style game where the app runs on the TV
and people actually use their mobile device to draw a secret word with their finger.
And then, other people try to guess the word.
So I may see the word and be able to draw, while you try to guess it
and it all appears and happens on the screen in real time.
Developing for the Google TV was great
because it uses all the standard technologies that we're all used to using--
HTML 5, Flash, and Android.
So it, it really helped us in being able to get applications out there faster,
'cause these are things that we already do and know how to do.
So, it really helped us in just getting more applications out there quicker.
As far as the future goes for Google TV and us specifically,
we're really excited about being able to build native Android applications for Google TV,
taking advantage of all the hardware acceleration that's gonna be on the platform
as well as the Android market.
And there's also some pretty neat things you can do with Google TV specifically,
where you can actually control the TV itself from mobile devices
and other things like that as well.
The great thing is for anyone who's already experienced with Android,
developing for Google TV and native applications,
it's exactly the same.
There's really no specific difference.
In other words, if you normally develop an Android application for a phone
and it's on a certain screen size,
whereas Google TV is exactly the same, just a much larger screen size.
So there's really not a core difference,
but what's great about it is you get to take advantage
of all the things that Google TV offers.
So, I think Google will be really excited about that.