How to reduce your cancer risk when you BBQ

Uploaded by SunnybrookMedia on 06.05.2011


There's nothing better than a good BBQ, but it's what you don't see that can harm you.
That's according to registered dietitian Katelynn Maniatis. "So when we have the
red meats or chicken or turkey or even
fish, there are compounds in those meats that when they're under
high heat can turn into what we call HCA's
and these have been linked to cancers." HCA's are short for
heterocyclic amines, and you can see them forming when your meat turns
brown or black. The good news is, there are some easy fixes.
Knowing high temperatures bring out the HCA's in meat, step one
is turning down the heat to medium. If you have a charcoal grill
don't put your meat on right away, wait until the coals have a glow.
Studies show that marinating your meat for as little as ten minutes
can slash HCA formation. Just be sure to choose non-oil
varieties that won't cause dripping and burning, and the formation of another
harmful chemical. Also a good to trim the fat before
grilling. Maniatis also recommends cutting meat into smaller
pieces, shish kebob style. Precooking it for just two minutes
will reduce grilling time and HCA's by ninety percent.
And feel free to flip. "A standard you often hear
people say is that they flip their meat maybe once every ten minutes. If you take that down to
flipping every six minutes, you're decreasing HCA formation by
seventy percent, and if you flip it every minute, then you're virtually eliminating
the HCA formation." A few other tips? Adjust
the height of your grill to distance meat from the flames, and try foil or planks
for seafood. Not only do they create a protective barrier, but
your food will taste amazing. And remember to load half your plate with veggies.
Both broccoli and brussel sprouts help the liver detoxify
HCA's, and they're also great for your overall health.
Happy grilling! With SunnyView, I'm Monica Matys.