Express Boy ep 1 (2/5) Eng Sub

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Don't move...
Long Yan.
Long Yan...
F*ck, damned cop came to observe, huh?
Sir, you came to our house so late.
Did something happen?
The person wasn't killed by us.
Is this your man?
Saving his life is more important.
Can our personal differences be set aside for now?
That's not possible.
A life is at stake here. Help me this once, okay?
Dr. Su! Help!
Dr. Su, hurry up! Someone's about to die!
Dr. Su!
Dr. Su!
It's the middle of the night, what are you doing?
It's not me, it's that damn policeman.
What damn policeman?
Biao Ge, what is it? [Ge means brother but can be added on to show respect]
Oh, that...
Rong Rong, I'm sorry.
It's so late and we still woke you up.
It's that rascal's fault.
This one...
Hurry and bring him inside.
Hu Tie Nan!
Don't think that just because you're the boss's son,
you can do whatever you want in the gang.
Let me tell you,
if you keep listening to your cousin,
you will regret it!
Damn it! You're almost dead and you still dare to disagree with us!
I hate disloyal brothers the most! Today, you have betrayed the Express Boy Gang!
What else do you have to say?
Hu Tie Nan, you actually accuse me of betrayal?
Have I accused you wrongly?
You still won't admit that you were conspiring with Big Foot's gang?
Stab him to death...
Don't let him be so arrogant!
Kill him...
Ah Biao?
Ah Nan.
Nobody move!
Throw your weapons away! Lie down!
Lie down!
Sir, he's not breathing.
If you have something to say, say it quickly.
That boy that was just injured is named Long Yan.
He's my associate.
I know that this situation has nothing to do with you.
But that boy's identity has been exposed. He could be in danger at anytime.
So I hope that he can stay at Express Boy for the time being.
When all this is over,
I'll definitely take him somewhere else.
One sentence: It is okay or not?
I can't do it.
Don't refuse so quickly.
Including the one earlier, just count it as you helping me once, okay?
Please, I'm not a charity.
You think I'd keep him just because you said to?
Moreover, I haven't had my revenge on you for what happened that time.
I really don't understand.
Where did you hit your head that made you even think of finding me?
Sir, we're already doing normal work.
We also hope that you'll spare us and stop troubling us.
Also our brother Ah Nan hasn't seen his old gang for a long time.
That's right. We're not lacking men either.
Also, we only run a small business so we don't give loans.
You guys are mistaken. Policeman Lee,
why don't you ask your relatives for help?
This is Policeman Lee. Okay.
Ah Nan, I beg you.
Biao Ge!
Rong Rong, is that rascal okay?
How come Biao Ge left?
Maybe he has things to do at the station.
Who knows if it's real or fake.
Oh. That...
That boy is fine now.
But after he comes to, he needs a lot of rest.
Boss, you aren't really going to take in that rascal?
Oh yeah, you can't leave him here.
I don't have any nurses on night duty here.
I think sending him to a large hospital would be better and safer.
That rascal is Policeman Lee's...
Tie Nan, we'll go home first and take that little guy with us for now.
I'm going back with you.
No need! You can leave this to us.
Also, don't you have something that you want to discuss with Rong Rong?
We'll take care of it. You relax.
You two have a nice chat!
I never thought our Uncle Fei Long could be so caring!
Haven't you seen the way your Boss is every time he sees Dr. Su?
He only needs to see the girl that he likes
and he'll stammer, sweat, and get dizzy.
He's just like that.
But there's no need to behave like that
just because of the girl you like.
The police's assistant is really troublesome.
I think we should tell him to leave tomorrow.
Is this your first day working?
Don't you know that your boss
is very brave and loyal!
It's that bad.
You don't hate him anymore?
Hate who?
Lee Ah Biao?
What hate? He's a cop and I'm a criminal.
A cop catching a criminal has always been completely logical and understandable.
I really can't understand the two of you!
When you were kids, you were closer than brothers.
How come, now that you've grown up,
you hate each other to the point where one must die for the other to live?
I really don't get what you're doing.
I don't understand it either.
Actually, when we were younger, I really respected him.
In our village, he was the only to stand alone.
He didn't submit to pressure and join a gang.
He was always a lone hero.
I thought his mind was only filled with thoughts of loyalty and repaying kindness.
Who knew that when he fell in love, it would cause so much mayhem!