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Oh God! You're so excited!
You keep quiet! Is it any ordinary matter?
Who don't you guys come out?
Come...come I say... - Why are you shouting?
What's the matter sir? You seem to very happy!
I'm feeling choked unable to tell you the good news.
Where's Chandramma, who'll be very happy to hearthis good news?
What's it, my little one? - That is....
Stop it son...stop.... Is my dearone fine in Hyderabad?
Can't you judge how fine she would be looking at me?
You tell me, after my mother Jejamma's marriage,
what's the biggest auspicious function you'd be happy you see
That is...? - Auspicious function!
What's it, son? - Your most eagerly awaited auspicious function.
ls my dearone's marriage fixed? - Yes.
Back then, itwas your marriage, now thisjunior madam's marriage.
Where are you going? - Wait, l'll come back in a minute.
Your marriage...
my vow...
Sir...isn't she your maid servant? Why is she calling you informally?
We nevertreated her like a maid.
She's the oldest married woman for my earlierand this generation.
other...Jejamma's marriage invitation.
I must see this marriage also.
The bride is your granddaughter, why are you calling herwith respect?
Afterthe death of my mother Jejamma,
my family didn't have any girl child for 3 generations,
so aftershe was born I named her after my mother,
so I respect her like I respect my mother.
Read the auspicious fixed time, little one.
5th day afterthe full moon,
with star Mrigaseera, - Mrigaseera!
in the auspicious time of Mithuna, - Mithuna...same time!
early morning at 6.14 am!
Your mother is born again as yourgrand daughter.
That's she, this marriage is also fixed at the same time like hers.
Arundhati is marrying at the same auspicious time Jejamma married.
Welcome to Gadwal!
What's this heavy downpour? lt started as soon as we entered the outskirts.
Drive carefully!
Sir's family, Chandramma and others will be waiting forthis marriage agreement.
lsn't it our luck to this agreement?
Yes, our madam Arundhati...
Are you fine? - What happened?
That's what l too can't understand.
What had really happened?
Can't see anything!
There's a palatial bungalow! Come, let's call home.
Where are you going? Go back l say.
"Ourcar metwith an accident, we wantto make a phone call."
This is not real.
What aboutthe building we can see?
"Go back. - We need to call urgently, come."
Why is he stopping us? I think he's a mad man.
Come...come in...
Ourcar metwith... - I know everything.
"This is all yours, please come in."
This looks like some royal palace... - Yes!
Where is she?
This is kingdom of Gadwal! It's my son's!
"Leaving my son alone here, is Arundhati marrying there?"
I'll not let it happen!
Dear...I'm here!
Upstairs...please come dear...
Dear...I'm inside this...
"lnside that? What's happening here, Susheeela?"
This is...this is my...grave!
"Grave? - It's grave, dear!"
Grave? How do I get you out of it?
"Break it open, dear!- How did you get into it?"
Is it necessary to you?
It's totally dark inside.
"l'm unable to breathe, please break it open, hubby!"
"Please break it open, dear... Break it open... l say!"
Break open this grave!
Break it open I say!
Break open this grave! Break it open!
Break it! - Break it...
Release him from that grave!
Release my son from it. - Break it open!
Release free my son from her spell.
HeyArundhati! How long do I've to undergo this punishment?
I'm burning with revenge inside this grave for 80 years now.
Are you going to marryArundhati?
"You left me to decay in a grave, I'll not leave you, Bommali!"
I'll come...I'll come definitely... and take revenge on you.
Man dying with revenge will become a ghost.
It'll not leave this world till it avenges.
It'll waitfor generations to seek revenge.