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This big bang Fila-eon video which is filmed in vivid scene , thanks to big bang members for their cooperation
huh? how is this working?
it's on. it's recording now.
Ah, is this recording now? (yes it is)
ah, so this is recording now. Oh he's handsome
Big Bang's self camera will star now!
Are you ready? (yeah! we are ready!)
Ah!, i can't hear you, Louder!
(once again) Are you ready? (yeahhhh ~)
TOP hyung,you're the only one who's pretending to be cool.. louder!
eeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh ~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok! here we go!
yeah! today is the day we're going to shoot the FILA EON shoes!
I think we'll have to jump in these shoes all day long
The member's condition
They al good even if we didn't ge to rest yesterday!
So, anyway, fighting!
These are like studdend here, all of these ike this ~
This definitely makes our feet headtly
Daesung ~ are you ready for the shooting?
Ah!, this is just so awesome ~ look at this ~ oOh!
We're becoming like this, just to wear these shoes, ah!
i'm wearing it too.
Good night..
Young bae, what are you doing?
Ah, i think i overworked yesterday. My legs are swollen
Are you ok?
i'm just fine today, not bad?
The shoes you are wearing now, the EON shoes
The director is saying that it's fine if you wear these only
What's so good of this?
Comfortable. And also it's good for you health
How does it feel trying on the shoes for the first time? (Ah first, i like design very much)
And they are saying that it relieves our tireness
I'm so tired right now, so
i want to wear this immediately
BIG BANG!! ~ (yeahh!! wassup)
How's your feeling today?
Ah i feel too great today!
What about you?
So, you guys can do this?
Ok, we're strting so let's do this enthusiastically?
My ener ~ gy. Let's do this together ~ fila fila ~ [singing the ''Stylish'' by Big Bang]
You can rap, whatever
You seemed so full of prunes while you're shooting?(Ah, today we've shoot for the first time, wearing these EON shoes
We were in bare feet, and it didn't sweat tht much..
Just very light.. and feels like it's not that tiring..
Today, i didn't knw that we're going to wear FILA EON shoes.
And feels like i'm flying?
Today, i'm going to the 200s!
Ah, this music is very, yeah, it's very.. tsss! xD
We have to go change
Do you guys wanna change your shoes?
No, we're fine,. We're fine with these.
You're okay with it?(yes)
Why not? They said that we won't get to tired wearing these?
Oh, ok,ok!
Yeah, we're fine. Maybe sometime later ~
The effectiveness of the EON shoes, what do you think, honestly?(Ah, i really think my feet are feeling lighter that usual..
And i feel less tired
Ok..You're all worked well!
Daesung hyung, great job! Did you do well today?
It was like about 5 hours of shooting? (5 hours?)
No, it is exactly 7 hours and 25 minutes ~
What are you saying.. ~
No, it is exactly 7 hours and 25 minutes ~
Director, wait a second
Can you give me one of these?
You mean, the shoes? (yeah ~)
It feels so comfortable..
And i feel less tired, so i will give one to my noona
Ah, these?
yeah, the female ones..
What's her size? ( It's size 6)
Size 6? I'll give it to you after the shoots.
Ah, thank you.
So it was just like, we didn't lock it up. It's like this square type,
The ones flying?
No,not the flying ones. It's like this straight and goes like this. Goes on and on
Like this, popping?
No, It doesn't pop. Like the square-typed chair, and the 4 people sit like this, strighten their legs and going stright.
Daebak! (means ''big hit'')
Kids, we have to go. It's 3am, 3am!
Huh? it has been already?
Yeah, it's over now. Let's go and that's like so much fun.
That's ok, we will stay for a while. (Daebak!)
It's just hard to know
ah, I'm so sad not to have been on that one this time
Yeah, before the summer's over
We'll go there sometime.Really?
How about now? (Now?)
yeah, It's late so hurry up
It's late right now, if we plan on morning, we can go.
Go,go,go,go ~ yeah, we're going right now.
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