Why You Are Probably Using TOO MUCH Sunscreen!

Uploaded by Theraponweb on 14.08.2012

Hi, I’m Michelle Bechtold, National Trainer with Therapon Skin Health.
There is a lot of confusion about SPF or Sun Protection Factor. It’s part of an equation
and it actually has to do with how much time you can be in the sun before reapplication
of that product is necessary. Realistically, an SPF 30 is adequate and that’s because
almost all products will list that they would like you to reapply the product within 2 hours
due to the fact that we shed skin cells on a regular basis and that we’re sweating
or swimming or participating in water sports. All of this dilutes the effectiveness of the
product so it in essence, all products regardless of their number really should be reapplied
every 2 hours when you are out in direct sun. if you are to put the product on in the morning
and you are going to your office, there isn’t any need for reapplication.