Manhattan, New York - Video Tour of the Lower East Side - Part 2

Uploaded by NewYorkHabitat on 23.02.2011

New York Habitat Video
with David Hill
The Lower East Side, Manhattan, NY - Part 2
Hi, I'm David Hill with New York Habitat.
Today I'm going to take you for a tour of a hip and history filled
neighborhood here in New York City, called the Lower East Side
This is the second half of our series on the Lower East Side.
If you haven't yet watched the first half,
you can find it on our YouTube channel.
As you can deduce from its name
this neighborhood is located in the south eastern part of Manhattan.
the Lower East Side is located between Houston Street to the north,
the East River on the east,
Canal Street to the south,
and Bowery to the west.
Keep in mind
that the boundaries of this neighborhood
are not exactly defined
because the area is in constant change and renewal.
it's difficult to tell exactly where the Lower East Side ends
and where the adjacent neighborhoods start.
The Lower East Side, also called L.E.S. by the locals,
is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Manhattan.
In the past, it has been predominantly occupied
by working class immigrants
who settled here in the many tenement buildings.
It is a culturally diverse area
formed by many ethnic groups from around the world
who have been immigrating to New York
over the centuries.
Orchard Street used to be full of affordable
and wholesale clothing stores.
This street was even named "Bargain District".
However, in the past ten years
the cheap stores have closed down
to leave space to new designer shops,
galleries and trendy restaurants and bars.
The Bargain District continues to live on
along Delancy Street, but in a smaller form.
If it's nightlife you seek,
the Lower East Side is an excellent choice.
It's known for its many bars,
lounges and clubs that will keep you moving all night.
Check out the Mercury Lounge on Houston Street
where you can catch some fun rock bands almost every night.
Arlene's Grocery on Stanton Street
is a great place to find live music
every night of the week.
If you're looking to dance to the rhythms of various world beats,
the Sapphire Lounge on Eldridge Street is the place for you.
New York Habitat has apartments all over the Lower East Side
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If you prefer to relax or play some sports,
take a stroll along the East River promenade.
You'll find baseball fields, soccer fields,
tennis courts, even an amphitheater for public performances.
You can also enjoy the view of Brooklyn
across the East River.
Or cross the Willliamsburg Bridge
and reach Brooklyn on the other side!
Well I hope you have enjoyed this little video tour of the Lower East Side
There are tons of attractions to see in this area
and it's an easy walk to some of New York's most fun neighborhoods
you got the East Village, Chinatown, Soho, the Financial District
tons of things to do and see.
If you know of any fun things we missed in this video
make sure you leave a comment in the comment section below.
And don't forget to visit our website at
where you'll find furnished apartments,
vacation rentals and even rooms to rent
in apartment shares in the Lower East Side,
all over Manhattan,
and across the river in Brooklyn and Queens.
What better way to spend your next trip to the Big Apple.
I'm David Hill with New York Habitat.
We hope to see you soon in the city that never sleeps.