Red vs. Blue Season 9 Trailer

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Four Seven Niner this is Angel On My Shoulder. I need you to modify your approach velocity.
Negative on the modify Angel On My Shoulder. I have injured on board, requesting clearance to dock.
Look if you try auto-docking at that speed you're going to have a lot more injured on board Four Seven, throttle down.
Requesting clearance to manual dock then.
Patient is critical, need to off load ASAP.
What? No, negative Four Seven Niner, clearance denied.
This station does not allow for manual docks. Throttle down or spin to a go-around, it's your choice.
Negative on the go-around, Angel.
This isn't a military dock, Four Seven, we are civilian medical on loan to the UNSC.
You try manual docking and you'll tear a hole in the-
Not my call, Angel. Patient is Level Zero.
Level Zero?
I need confirmation on that, Four Seven.
Angel On My Shoulder, this is Director Church. I respectfully request your assistance. Our situation is rather dire.
Four Seven Niner you are clear for Docking Bay Six, manual control. Proceed with caution.
I'll prep the patient.
Well, I guess so much for our go-around.
I heard that, Four Seven Niner.
Yep. That's 'cause I transmitted it.
Greetings, Director. Was that Agent Maine?
We picked up his beacon. At least we know that system works.
Do you know what happened?
I know who will.
Come on team, let's move! We're losing him!
Can't you stabilize him?
We're doing our best, sir.
Is there something I can do?
Sorry, sir, you're going to have to wait here. Medical crew only.
Typical medic bullshit.
Paging Dr. Ross. Please report to emergency...
His vitals are falling. We need to stabilize him.
Agent Washington, status report.
Maine was injured, sir.
We failed the objective.
How were two soldiers of your caliber possibly hurt by simulation troopers? the jump on us.
Disappointing, but we'll deal with that after surgery.
Yes sir.
Come on buddy, hang in there.
How is he?
Oh, hey man. Not good.
He was shot in the throat. The medic said even if he survives, he'll probably never talk again.
How's your eye?
Docs are letting me out tomorrow. Seems like a lot of people are getting hurt these days.
Yeah. It's just that everything seems to be moving so much more quickly now.
The suits, the missions and now these...what do they call them?
A.I. things?
York, do you think we're moving too fast?
The whole universe is moving too fast, Wash.
I think we're just trying to keep up.