How to Make a Scarecrow : Stuff Pants of Scarecrow

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

Okay, now that we have tied off our legs, we're ready to start stuffing the pants. We
want to fill them out and make them nice and big, so that they look lifelike. So you're
going to unbutton and unzip your pants so you can in there very good, and make sure
they're nice and open. Now you're going to take your newspaper, and you're just going
to begin crinkling that into balls of paper, loose balls, and you want to start pushing
that down into the bottom of the pants so that it fills it out, and it's going to create
that nice puffy effect. And you're just going to keep going until both your legs are completely
full. Start tearing that up, and push all the way down, and you don't have to pack it
too tightly, because you want it to have that full appearance. So, you just want loose balls
of paper, all the way down. Now, let's start on the right leg, and alternate back and forth,
until completely full.