How to Use Apple iPhoto : Editing Views in iPhoto

Uploaded by expertvillage on 19.01.2008

Hey everybody! My name is Matt and I'm speaking to you on behalf of Expert Village. You can
also do some simple editing to your pictures. To get into edit view all you have to do is
double click on a picture. I'm going to go ahead and double click on a picture right
here. It's going to take me to edit view. From here, there's a couple of different things
you can do. To get out of edit view and back to your library view, you can just go to the
side of a picture and that'll take you back. Let me go back to edit view. From here, at
the bottom right here, you can zoom in and out of your pictures. You can use the sliders
to scroll around. What you can do is you can left click and drag a rectangle around different
parts of the picture. What you can do here is you can come down and select crop and it'll
crop your picture to just that part of your picture. I'm going to go ahead and command
Z to undo that. You can also constrain your box too. If you come down here to constrain.
I'm going to select this 4-3 DVD. That's the aspect ratio and that's going to give me a
box like that. If you click and drag your box, it's going to constrain to a 4-3 aspect
ratio like I said. That's going to be helpful if you want certain measurements to crop to
for using DVDs, books, or certain things. You can also come down here. If you click
the rotate button, that'll rotate your picture. You can also do that from your library view
as well.