Big Pimpin' (DiGiTS Show)

Uploaded by digitsshow on 06.04.2011

BEN: Slick Rick once said "Pimpin ain't easy" well Imma test that theory,
see how strong my pimp hand is.
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Hey kitty cat, what's happenin'?
[girl laughs]
BEN: Aw, funny already? Man, usually I gotta say something good
before a girl laughs.
GIRL: Do you have--do you have pink velvet on?
BEN: Pink velvet? Girl this is velour.
GIRL: I didn't know pimps wore velour.
BEN: Well I'm glad you recognize this a pimp. How you doin'?
GIRL: I'm good, good. My friend's supposed to meet me here.
BEN: Uh-huh. I don't see nobody. What kinda friend you meeting?
GIRL: Uh, my girlfriend. We're, we're, we're shopping.
BEN: Your girlfriend? Now we talkin'! So what we talkin' like…
you, her and me?
GIRL: Um, no. No, we're not.
BEN: Where you from, girl? I hear a lil something in your twang.
GIRL: Oh yeah? I'm from Tennessee.
BEN: Tennessee, girl, whoo!
GIRL: Are you really--
BEN: What you mean, girl? I'm for real.
GIRL: Zebra print and all, you're for real?
BEN: Zebra. Zebra wild animals, zebras dangerous. You know when you get up,
when you get like you know a hundred, two hundred, three hundred of them
together you can't even tell if it's one animal or what.
That's how the stripes work.
BEN: Yeah, people get confused. They think damn that shit's huge! It's a
dangerous animal.
GIRL: I'm glad that velour must be keeping you warm today.
BEN: Baby, look, i draw my heat from within. I got nothing' but love,
and it heats me up--
GIRL: Are those real?
BEN: Real? Touch it.
GIRL: No! That's ok.
BEN: Come on, no--are they real?
GIRL: No--.
BEN: Wha--no--I'm just--I meant your bag. It looks like a, what is that,
Louis Vuitton?
GIRL: Yeah.
Ben: Look, listen, let me get your number.
BEN: Come on, let me get your digits, I'll take you out.
GIRL: [LAUGHING] I have to go.
BEN: Look your girlfriend ain't coming. She's not here.
GIRL: I'm going. Have a great day.
BEN: Awwww. Can I get one? I'll guess the rest.
Bye sweetheart. Thank you!
BEN: Listen, that girl loved the pink, first of all. She couldn't get
enough of these glasses. But Zebras, she didn't know what a zebra is like.
She didn't know that a zebra…you know, that's a feral beast.
I did not get the digits.
I think I was a little too much man for her. You know what I mean?
I think she was a little…maybe--she said she was waiting for a friend,
sounded like a line, I think maybe some man broke her heart, but I mean,
that's something I should be--you know I'm just gonna wait because i think
she's coming back actually.
I think she'll be back.