Just Dance - SNL Creep, Walk the Moon, Glee, Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl goes Black Eyed Peas, Saturday Night Live
creeps to a new dance step, and Glee returns after a
holiday hiatus.
This is Just Dance for February 3, 2011.
It feels like years since you've wandered the halls of
McKinley High, doesn't it?
Well, on February 6, the Golden Globe winning comedy
Glee is back.
The episode is said to be the most expensive to produce yet
and features a cameo by CBS News anchor Katie Couric.
The episode will feature performances to Katy Perry's
"California Gurls," "Bills, Bills, Bills" by Destiny's
Child, and Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Prepare for some
hot dance moves from choreographer Zach Woodlee.
Don't miss the return of Glee on Fox, Sunday, February 6
after the Super Bowl.

SNL is at it again, this time showcasing a new
dance called the Creep.
Choreographed by Danielle Flora, the digital short aired
on January 29.
The original song was written by the Emmy winning group The
Lonely Island, made up of Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone,
and SNL cast member Andy Samberg.
The Creep contains a catchy beat, humorous lyrics, and a
hysterical dance to accompany the tune.
What's more, the episode's musical guest, Nicki Minaj,
makes a guest appearance in the video clawing her way
through the creeping choreography.
Keep them coming, guys.

On February 4, we celebrate the 29th birthday of Live to
Dance judge and former Pussycat Doll, Kimberly Wyatt.
As a teen she landed scholarships to study in New
York's Joffrey Ballet and at Broadway Dance Center.
Wyatt was selected to be a member of the Grammy nominated
girl group The Pussycat Dolls in 2003.
The dance-heavy Dolls opened tours for the Black Eyed Peas,
Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears, in addition to
two headlining world tours of their own.
Wyatt left the group in 2010 to judge the UK reality show
Got to Dance, which spun off into CBS's current program,
Live to Dance.
The birthday girl plans to release a solo
album in the next year.
Happy birthday, Kimberly.

The six-time Grammy Award winning Black Eyed Peas have
broken barriers with their music, live
performances, and videos.
And now they're headed to the Super Bowl.
The Peas are performing for the Bridgestone Halftime Show,
which will be the first non-classic rock act on the
live telecast since Janet Jackson's 2004 wardrobe
Fatima Robinson, the director-choreographer of "Hey
Mama," "My Humps," and dozens of other Black Eyed Peas
videos is staging their performance, which is sure to
be spectacular.
Tune into FOX on Sunday, February 6 to watch the 45th
annual Super Bowl and the Black Eyed Peas rock out to
millions of viewers.
Walk the Moon--
no, it's not the name of a new dance move.
It's an indie band who released this original music
video to their tune, "Anna Sun." The song is the first
single off their debut album, I Want, I Want, and it's
nearly impossible to watch without wanting to throw on a
pair of Spandex or at least cracking a smile.
The colorful and creative video was shot in Ohio, and
choreographed by Kim Popa.
Her poppy, '80s-inspired dance moves are
fun, quirky, and addictive.
Check out myspace.com/walkthemoonband
for more tracks and to find when Walk the Moon
will be in your town.
To recap, you saw Kimberly Wyatt throw her leg in the
air, Walk the Moon throw a party, and Creepers throw
their arms up.
Tune in next week for an all-new episode of Just Dance
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