How To Manage Outsourced Work - Active Collab Project Management System Review

Uploaded by tyroneshum on 14.07.2009

Hi, my name is Tyrone Shum from Internet Business Path and welcome to a guided tool of the ActiveCollab.
What I like to do is just give you a quick rundown of what this particular project management
software is and also give you a little sneak preview of what's inside. I mean you can actually
hop onto the ActiveCollab and see a demo on their website but I thought I'd show you interaction
on how it works on my blog.
This is the project management software that I currently use for my own business to manage
all the projects that I currently have and, it's a fantastic little software. The reason
why I chose this is because it allows you to customize and also create things within
that. Also, you can even put unlimited amount of projects and unlimited amount of users
and that's what I like about this one. So you're not limited by using someone else's
server to have this software running and also you're not limited by how many you can actually
have. So let's log in straight to it and I'll log into this particular.
Okay so I'm logged in right now. As you can see this is the Dashboard of the Control Panel.
What you'll notice is that it gives you Recent activities, Activities and also what is due
for today and that's just usually what happens when you log into it. You can customize this
to different colors, skins, to whatever you like it but I've just kept it simple because
that's what my guys and myself actually do so we want to be able to just communicate.
Firstly, I'll explain all these different things here. You've got the People, which
the people you can actually to put into this software, it can be your clients, it can be
your programmers, your VAs, anyone that's going to be using this software; list of your
Projects; Calendar, this is just like the calendar to allow you to see which dates and
also projects are due on that date; and Assignment, now this particular thing is when you click
on it, it shows you what tasks have been assigned to you. So if you logged in as one of your
programmers, you click on that and you'll see dates and assignments you need to do.
The most important thing I want to show you is Projects just to give you a brief rundown
why it's so good and so powerful to use this particular software. I also find that by using
this particular software, it gives you a lot of flexibility because it allows you to keep
everything all at one hand. I used to use emails back and forth with programmers and
VAs and just got really messy. So after coming across to this, you can actually manage everything
within each project.
This is usually your Projects list and tells you all the projects that you're currently
running and I just wanted to share you one of it so that you can get a clear understanding
of what this project management software allows you to do. As you can probably see, you've
got just a brief overview of what is happening in the software. It even tells you the little
task completion bar which is fantastic because it tells you whether or not it's on track
and you're getting everything completed. What I find that's been very important are Milestones,
Checklists, Discussions and Pages. Those are the things that I mainly use, you can use
all the other functionalities, it usually comes within the software once you purchase
it as a full license. But the good thing about Milestones is it allows you to set dates and
also tasks that needs to be completed by certain times and it can be scheduled and tells you
exactly what are the things that are due. The most important thing here is that you
want your people who are working for you to actually complete these in their certain time
and that's the reason why it's crucial to have this. Checklists, your tasks, Discussions
now as I said I was emailing back and forth. With Discussions, it allows you to communicate
with each other of what's going on and instead of having emails, you've actually got whole
lot of topics that are in here that you'll need to talk about and complete. Files are
actually to upload any images, or any word documents or anything that's related to the
project. Finally Pages, I usually use Pages just to store login information and also any
other vital information that goes towards the website to give the programmers or VAs
or anyone managing this particular website access.
So that is just the basic quick overview and I hope that you'll be able to use this project
management software called ActiveCollab. If you want more information, just continue to
read my blog and I'll give you the link as well to it. My name is Tyrone Shum and I hope
you've enjoyed this ActiveCollab review.