How to Make Balloon Animals : Making a Balloon Cat

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.04.2008

Now in this section, we're going to make a little balloon cat. It's a little bit more
difficult than what you've been making to date, but it's fun because we're going to
build up the whole shape of the face. I'll show you how. First we're going to start with
the nose. We're going to take the little knot, it's called a nozzle, and fold it into the
balloon. Wrap it around the balloon. And see where my finger is? That's exactly where the
knots going to go. Up and through and, when you let it go, it's fully secured. Now we're
going to start building the face up. Start with the cheek first. The cat's cheek, then
comes an ear bubble, followed by the top of the head, pinching and twisting this bubble.
It's like we saw on the left, pinching another ear, keeping them the same size and pinch
twisting another cheek. We have the whole shape of the face there, the whole shape of
the face. We're going to slide that little nose through the middle. You're holding tight
with your left hand, holding all the bubbles in one hand. Then to do our first balloon
ear twist. So you take the little ear and pull it away so you can see the joints there,
you see the joints there, and twist it. I'm twisting it away from myself, one, two, three.
And, magically, that becomes the shape of an ear. I'll show you again. Take a basic
bubble, holding on tight to the top of the head and the cheeks, slide this away from
yourself, move it slightly away so you can twist at the joints. One, two, three. And
don't be frightened to try it. It might be a little stiff while you twist it. It's unlikely
to burst. Just go with it. That's a basic cat's face. And we'll draw the whiskers and
the eyes on and we're finished. Now, I'm going to need to stretch this balloon because we
want the cat to have a nice long tail. And you just stretch it like this. Like I said,
don't be frightened it's going to pop on you. They are pretty strong and hard balloons.
Make a bubble for his neck, pinch and twist it. One, two, three. And move down the legs.
Pinch and twist. The legs mirror them up, you want to twist those legs together. I've
done that moves a few times now. And the body, pinch the body, twist it, mirroring the legs,
pinch, twisting the second leg at the bottom. Flip and twist them into the joint. Straightening
her up and then giving the cat a little tail by a little bit of curl there. Now, I'm going
to put little facial features on now. I'm going to draw the eyes on. I like to make
eyes that are a little large so that they stand out. See that? And little eyelashes.
But you can make the eyes any size you like. Mine will have lots of personality. Come alive
in the child's hand. Little whiskers on now. The nose is an oblong shape. You might want
to make yours round. Whiskers, outside, other side. A happy little cat. There she is, your
own little balloon cat.