Baanam Full Movie - Part 01/11 (English Subtitles)

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Rajam, 1975
Father, do you know them? - Them?
No, l don't know. - Then why did they smile at you?
Smile is the only language that everyone understands in the world.
Father, always be with me
When you are there with me everything looks happy.
Birds. Goats. Farms. Our village. Bverything.
To make sure everyone is happy..
..yourfatherwent to live in the forests.
l heard that the police will kill you.
Who? Who said that?
My teacher saidthat.
You are agood person. Why should they kill you? - l am still alive
l feel like crying, father. -You shouldn't cry.
Bven when l am not there you should be smiling.
Shall l tell you something?
lf we live for ourselves it's not a life worth living.
lfwe die for others that's alife worth living.
Shekhar. Don't move.
Son, what's your name? - Bhagat.
Nice name. -When did yourfather come?
Today. -You know where yourfather lives?
ln the forest. Why do you want to kill my father?
Bveryone says my fatheris agood man.
Look son, we don't kill the innocents with these guns.
lf yourfatherwas really nice he should've livedwith us.
What'sthe needto run away?
Ranasthali, 1989
Greetings, brother.
Move aside. Move aside.
Father. -Why did you come?
They will kill you. You are not needed here
Sadhu. Sadhu will take care of everything.
Go. Go away from here. Go away.
They will kill you.
Only because uncle is here you are saying..
..he will take care of everything. He is your brother.
l am your son.
All this belongsto me. Only to me.
Your property. Your business. Your life
Your chair.
Father, l could've killed uncle even after your death..
..but youwouldn't have known about it.
He carried you in his arms when you were a kid.
We too have some athics.
Remove that gunfirst.
Father, death is easy.
Your close your eyes and it's over.
But killing is very difficult.
Shakti, you made amistake.
You made abig mistake.
Uncle, everyone in our family alongwith father..
..are destined to go to hell.
lfyou know anyone inthis world.
..who hasn't done any mistake come here along with him
Till then don't come to me.
Sir, if the crows haven't touched the holy offering yet.. means yourfather had some unfulfilled wishes.
Till his wish isn't fulfilled crows won't touchthat holy offering.
Rod Mastan.
He is not ready for compromise.
Anji didn't listento you. He is thinking of plansto kill you.
And Mati Kumar? - He is the one who asked Prabhakar to stop.
He is going overboard. He said he is giving you two days' time.
And that you should run away by then.
Or else you should commit suicide.
l'mthe one who should say that.
Ok, lat's not wait further.
Lat's finish the job.
Ourenemies' strength will show people our strength.
Priest, do l have to offer the holy offering to crows?
Can't l offer it to dogs?
'Yourfeet shall move like an ever-flowing river.''
''You shall never stop your journey and keep marching.''
''Your dreams will be yourfuel.''
''Don't drop till you realize yourdreams.''
''Withthe help ofyourwishes..''
'' must adorn every piece of yourlife.''
''Bvery memory is atched in your mind after childhood.''
''Life is a constant battle''