Walmart Careers-Which Walmart Career to Apply for?

Uploaded by BrittancyFry33 on 03.04.2012

Looking for honest feedback on Walmart careers? Well, you have come to the right place. I
don’t work for Walmart, nor am I hired by them to make this video. What you will get
is my research I have made on the various Walmart careers which I have put together
at The link to my site is listed just below this video in the description
Let me start with some highlights by working at walmart.
• By having a Walmart career, you will have consistently and peace of mind. Why work for
a small company that could go out of business next week? Walmart is the largest retailer
in the world! • There are over 100 Walmart careers with
over 2.1 million walmart associates in over 15 countries.
• Want to work only part time? No problem. Want a full time job? No problem. Walmart
has accommodations for both. • Do you want health insurance, perhaps
a bonus plan, how about a 401 k education plan? Those deep store discounts are also
a plus. Simply put, Walmart has a very compelling employee benefit plan.
• What walmart career do you want? Whether you want to work in the warehouse, driving
a truck, corporate environment or want to work with customers, there are many options
available. • In case you are less than 16, you’ll
need to wait a bit since Walmart only hires people age 16 or older.
• Depending on which job are you are applying for, you made be required to take a pre-employment
assessment test. Don’t get scared, it’s not too bad.
As I said, this is just a brief overview on Walmart careers. If you are serious about
getting a solid job at Walmart and would like to know more about salary information, job
requirements, working conditions, resource links and tips before you apply, you'll find
our website just below this video in the description area. While on our site, feel free to ask
me any question you want about working for Walmart via our contact form and I’ll be
happy to answer your question. See you there!