Stuff - Jets Fans Say

Uploaded by ScooterMagruder on 30.09.2012

What’s up guys, hope you’re doing well.
So this week I decided to do Stuff New York Jets Fans Say.
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No Jugamos Juegos.
Throw me the alley.
Let’s go.
When I grow up, I want to be Fireman Ed.
Is he actually a fireman?
I don’t know, but I think he is.
What a legend.
I love Rex Ryan.
I mean how can you not love Rex Ryan?
Just watch uh, Hard Knocks.
It’ll make you appreciate him so much more.
Time to eat a snack.
I hate Tom Brady.
We are the best team in New York.
We are the beast team in New York, if you think about it.
I don’t care if the Giants won the Super Bowl.
Who cares about that?
That just proves that bad teams
can win the Super Bowl
multiple times.
Patriot fans are like Khloe Kardashian
Nobody likes them
And they’re ugly.
To all the non-believers.
I miss Curtis Martin.
My favorite.
See if we just had a running game
Like that would just help Sanchez out tremendously.
Like Curtis Martin.
If we had Curtis.
I just don’t understand why we traded for Tebow.
Like, I like Tebow.
I just don’t know what we’re gonna use him for.
What are we going to use
We have a quarterback already.
Put Tebow in!
If this is how Mark’s gonna play, just put him in!
Why did we get Tebow?
Why did we get Tebow???
Now we have two quarterbacks who can’t throw the ball.
It could be worse:
We could still have Chad Pennington.
If I ever saw Tom Brady in person
First, I would see if he was with his wife
and then try and you know huhh huh
then I would slap him.
You know, I think we have the most qb’s that ever posed for GQ.
How do you resign, by just writing in on a napkin?
I hate the Patriots.
Can’t wait.
He has hot daughters?
Yeah, his daughters were in a TV show.
You know, who was the quarterback before Chad Pennington?
It wasn’t Vinny was it?
It was ummmm…
Revis may be the best
to ever do it.
This is not Giants Stadium, this is the Meadowlands.
You know what I’m saying?
Nick Mangold.
Best center
in the game.
Let’s not even talk D’Brickashaw
O-Line has got to do a better job.
Block someone!
No wonder Mark Sanchez can’t throw the ball
He’s getting hit in like two seconds!
What is Shonn Green doing right now?
I don’t know.
Do you know?
We’re not good right now.
This is, this is terrible to watch.
This is bad and it’s not good for our youth
It’s just like
Jersey Shore
I mean, Revis
He’s the best that’s ever done it.
Better than Deion.
Charles Woodson uhh who?
Champ Bailey.
I don’t see that.
All I see is the island.
I want to go there.
You can’t stop him. He’s like a hurricane.
Can you stop a hurricane? I don’t think you can.
If they’re in Miami.
Yeah, that’s true.
That’s true.
If they’re in Miami.
You see what we did there.
Joe Namath,
What a legend.
Broadway Joe.
When the Giants played the Patriots in the Super Bowl
I didn’t know who to root for.
Cause, I wanted both of them to lose.
Can both teams lose in a Super Bowl?
I mean, I just love Rex so much.
Yeah man.
Like, who doesn’t love Peter Griffin.
He doesn’t look.
He doesn’t look like Peter Griffin.
Yes he does.
He looks just like
No he does not look like Petter Griffin.
If he was made into a cartoon character:
Peter Griffin.
Mark Sanchez is better than Eli Manning.
Rex is looking kinda good since he had that surgery.
Naww, he’s excellent.
He lost like 500 pounds.
I’m pretty sure.
His brother needs to go ahead and have the surgery cause he is still pretty big
You know what I’m saying.
Maybe a haircut too.
Merril, what kind of adjustments need to be made?
How do they make up for the loss of Revis?
What are we supposed to do?
What are we going to do?
This, this always happens
to us.
Like, it doesn’t happen to anyone else.
Kyle Wilson could do
Like he could
Do what?
Maybe we just need to put Tebow in and see what happens?
Sometimes Skip Bayless is right.
Sometimes, almost never
but sometimes.
Is it too late
to get Brett Favre back?
There’s always next year.
And we will win the Super Bowl next year, guarantee it.
Can Tebow play corner?
We could play Tebow at corner.
It’s not the time, it’s not the time.
Our cornerback is now Antonio Cromartie.
How’s he gonna know the coverages when he doesn’t even know his eleven kid’s names?
I would watch that reality show.
Keeping up with the Cromarties.
How does that happen?
You have 34 different children
It could be more,
Oh yeah.
It could be more.
Probably, he doesn’t even know.
I once had a friend
then he told me he was a Giant’s fan.
we’re not friends anymore.
If Rex Ryan says we’re winning the Super Bowl
then we’re winning the Super Bowl.
I believe him.
We’re gonna
We are going to win the Super Bowl this year.
Joe Namath guarantee it.
Every year.
I’m a believer.
To all the non-believers.
You get two identical resumes.
Do you hire Thomas Smith, or do you hire LaDanavian Smith?
Stop jeopardizing your child’s future with these names!
Why are you recording this?
Giant’s fan.
I always thought it was, uhh, sherbet
I did.
Growing up, then I learned it was Chrebet.
Nobody even tackled him!
He was jogging down the field.
I’m a grown man.