[VLOG] Halloween 2012

Uploaded by TropicalMarshmallows on 29.11.2012

Hey future inhabitants of YouTube, today is halloween
I'm gonna go trick-or-treating
It's 7:00, which means Chris should be here soon
Um... then we'll go trick-or-treating
So... let's cut to that
Or cut to when he's here
Hey guys, I'm here with Chris
And... (Hey) We're trick-or-treating
He's Billy from Saw
I've got this clown mask
Pretty much
Seen four other people and one of them was my sister and
We've got the best costumes so far (Someone slapped me)
We went to their door
and um... we uh... He's like 'sorry I don't have any lollies' and he's like 'do you want some money?' and he slapped Chris
Walked in, got us some money
It was only... (He slapped Chris and gave us money) It was only
Wasn't even worth it
He got $3, I got $4
I'm pretty sure I got a glow in the dark bat
I got a yoyo (What the hell is this?) A whistle
It doesn't work (You're good at this)
Wrong way
Oh, it blows wind out of it
It's supposed to make sound, but you probably got a broken one
Oh, great
So um...
Do you want to try up here?
The end house doesn't know what Halloween is, though. And...
They just say
See the big one at the top?
(Yeah) Yeah, they just say
What... What's this? I don't want any
'Ey guys ('Ey)
We're back at the top of a hill
Looking over civilization
Oh, I stepped in dog crap...
This just isn't my day
He found 5 cents, but it was on tails, so it was bad luck

You took it though
So yeah, we're taking a break from this trick-or-treating
(A lot of houses suck) Because people are absolutely cheap
What am I gonna do with this?
Put it on someone's lawn or doorstep that doesn't give you anything
My whistle doesn't work
Maybe you're just bad at it

Yeah so... we got some lollipops
There are a lot of nice people than usual
There are people who don't celebrate it, but they're not all douchebaggy about it
Then there was this one guy who was like 'go to the States if you wanna celebrate Halloween'
I wanna go to the States (And I said 'I would if I could')
Look at all the mountains out there, Chris
What the hell is this?

Butter and salt candy
Butter and salt... What?
It's better than butter and... just butter, I suppose
I have to share this with everyone, do you know how annoying that's gonna be?
Like your mom and stuff? (If my sister asks for something, I'll give her the mandarin)
Yeah, we came up here to get away from civilization and 'cause he's never been up in the hills
And it's cool and breezy up here and with our masks it's really hot
No one can see us up here
What's the point in even coming up here?
To workout and stuff and also it looks nice
And prettyful
There's a whole bunch of bike tracks that go around
Look at all the prettyful lights

I actually filmed a YouTube video up here with Andrew once
Mostly put the camera on there

We had a bike, I think it was my bike, there was a bike in that video
Head back?
I don't think anyone gave us a juicebox
We're gonna do some more trick-or-treating
Hopefully because it's getting dark, there'll more people on the streets and it'll be less awkward
'Cause it's...

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