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Be yourself. Be yourself. Be yourself and stay in the moment.
Hi. I’m Christine.
You have to give me your card.
Oh, of course.
Yeah, it’s to keep track of who’s who. Yeah, yeah, I remember.
Or, you know, to write notes on the back.
It’s a lot of people. Yeah, you’d think, “oh, I’m going to remember anyone that I have a--like--a connection with.” But then you get confused.
You’ve done this a lot.
No. Um, It’s my second time.
But it’s fun. I mean, not fun, fun, but it can be fun. It’s necessary fun. It can be enjoyed.
We better get started. Yeah, that’s a good idea.
A good clip is good for this, ‘cause, you know…
You don’t have time to over think it, just get an overall view, because if you think too much then you could kill it.
Or sometimes become your own worst enemy. But, any way, ok, let’s begin.
I’m 35, I’m a cameraman for a news show and I freelance also.
I make about 70 thousand a year doing that. I’m a homeowner. My parents paid for the house a while back, so it’s free and clear.
And, um, plus I own a duplex which I rent out. So that’s another 20, free and clear a year.
What, what’s so funny?
Oh nothing, sorry.
But, you’re laughing. No, no, um.
I just—I just got taken by surprise, that’s all. Just ‘cause you jumped right into financials like that, so…
I mean, it’s ok. I mean it all matters. Ok, well I don’t even really need you to tell me it’s ok.
Perhaps I should start with my sex life, or why it’s so depressing being here. But I thought maybe we could work our way up to that.
So, um, uh, covering the news sounds interesting. Yes.
I mean, there’s a lot of crap. Traffic. Cat’s in trees. Fires. But you’re out there seeing the lives of people. I like that. How people live.
You know you go into people’s houses, you learn about the choices they’ve made. The people they’ve married and divorced. And cheated on, and uh…
You know, they tell you who they are right away. The first thing a person says or does is telling you, “this is who I am. What do you think?”
There was this lady the other day, for example.
We go out to her house because we wanted to interview her about a little girl that disappeared on the street.
The police had said this woman was a person of interest.
So, you know, we head out there—what? What is it?
Nothing, no, sorry, the, what about the lady? Oh.
Go on, the lady, the lady was a person of interest.
She—uh—I lost my train. No, the lady. I—I lost my train.
You better tell me about yourself. Um, ok, uh…
I’m 29, I am working on going back to school to get my MA to be an elementary school teacher.
I’ve done some substituting but I want my own class. I had terrible teachers growing up, especially in elementary school, terrible.
So, I’m thankful that there are people out there who care about it and want to do it well.
Thank you. We should probably pick up some speed, um…
I like watching movies. Uh, I like music, um, classical music, chamber music. Not big on opera, are you?
Oh, good, phew. I like eating out. Not fancy places, diners. I love diners. And old fashion cafeterias, I could sit in those forever.
I love diners. What is it about them? They’re just so welcoming.
Yeah, it’s that waitresses who call you “Honey.” The bad coffee and the unhealthy pie don’t hurt either. No, they don’t.
We go at least a couple times a week for dinner. Dina loves them, too.
My mother, Dina.
Oh, Dina, that’s—I like that name. Dina, it’s like an old-fashion name.
What do you mean?
Just that it sounds like a name from the 50s. Never mind, I like it. Go on.
God, I couldn’t drag my parents to a diner if it were the last place on earth for them to eat.
You keep doing that. You tell me to go on, then you interrupt me, and then you tell me to go again.
Yeah, I’m sorry, I do that, I do. Go on.
So whenever my mom and I don’t feel like cooking, and by cooking I mean fixing ourselves a sandwich, we just look at each other and that’s our cue.
We’re off to a diner.
What? Look, it’s ok, I interrupt all the time, too
Nothing. Did I say something?
You live with your mom.
Is that a problem?
The guys move. The girls stay put.