Android Peeks - browser tricks

Uploaded by androiddevelopers on 22.09.2008

>> GRACE: Hi. My name is Grace. I work on the Android Browser. Today, I'm going to show
you some tricks on Android Browser. You want to go visit your friend via Google. You found
that address on the website but it's not highlighted, so you cannot click it. Don't worry. This
is Android Browser. You just need to click the address. It will take you directly to
the map. Hit the back, you're back to the browser. Type the phone number, you go to
the dialer. You can call the phone number. Now, you know, in the bottom of the browser
you want to scroll to the top. Instead of skip scrolling, you can use a quick zoom.
Just tap here and then move this window all the way up to here and then release your finger.
Walla, you're on the top. There, you notice your paragraph, half of it is off the screen.
Don't worry. Tap on the text, it will move to the middle of the screen.