How to Build Your Audience on YouTube

Uploaded by citizentube on 14.07.2009

>> How to optimize your news video on YouTube. Let's say you've just captured breaking news
with your video camera or cell phone, or maybe
you've just shot a timely video commentary on today's
current events, or maybe you've just produced a
feature story about your community that you want to
share with the world. Now, how do you make sure people can find
it on YouTube?
Here are some tips on how you can build your audience on YouTube.
1: If your video is breaking news, upload it to
YouTube fast. News content is timely and often has a short
shelf life.
Be willing to sacrifice time in the edit room to get
your video up first. 2: Keep it short and sweet.
Unless you're producing a documentary feature, edit
your story down so that it's concise and to the
point. 3: Always be sure to label your video well.
Lots of people find videos on YouTube through search.
The tags, titles, and video descriptions that you
provide will guide their queries to your story. Be as descriptive and specific as possible
and try for a title that will make people want to
click play.
4: Spread the word about your video by reaching out to other YouTube users who are interested
in the topic you're covering.
Subscribe to other YouTube channels you find interesting, and share your video on facebook,
myspace, and twitter. You should also send your video to top blogs
to see if they'll amend your piece.
5: Reach out directly to news organizations. Many television news stations re-broadcast
breaking news clips and news commentary found on YouTube
so send them your links.
If you want, list your content information in your
video description, so that news organizations can
reach out to you directly. 6: Keep an eye out for assignments.
Many news organizations ask their viewers for video
commentary on stories they're covering or for eye
witness coverage for locations that their reporting
staff can't cover. Subscribe to their YouTube channels and keep
an eye out.
7: Upload often and cover one story per video. It's better to upload a video every day than
seven videos every Monday.
And separate each of the stories you're covering into different videos.
Build your audience with frequency and consistency. 8: Finally, apply to the YouTube partner
program. Go to and start making
money with all those views you're getting on your
news videos.
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>> You can get more tips on how to create and
distribute your videos on YouTube at the YouTube reporting center.