Christmas Island Workshop

Uploaded by ImmiTV on 03.07.2011

The purpose of the workshop was to provide an activity which the asylum seekers would
help fill in their day.
We continue in that process today and that's a guiding light.
Ok, so really there hasn't been the counter sinking–you're actually designing it to carve
it out…very good.
We produce products basically for the organisations around about–so, we'll do
construction jobs, minor construction jobs, boardwalks, picnic tables.
We'll also build products like chairs, tables, book cases.

One of the volunteers here did an altar for the local church, so we'll do that sort of
stuff and they'll also do some work for themselves making, again, tables, chairs,
fitting-out cupboards within their accommodation.

In the workshop, we've got two industrial machines and normally we have two tailors at
those machines.
Historically, I've always got very skilled tailors and they will do work like tailor-made

shirts, trousers and overalls.
Indeed, they made me a set of overalls out of a bedsheet.
It was called phosphate green overalls, which is a colour.

One of the things which I really do appreciate and enjoy in the workshop is to see people
come in, maybe not so happy and then as the days and weeks and months pass slowly, they
become happier and happier.
We get a little bit of singing we get a little bit of playing around.
Then I know the organisation is really moving along quite happily and everyone's in their

place and happy to be there.