Photoshop CS3: Reflections & Text : Photoshop CS3: Reflecting a Dog's Back Leg

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

Adobe Photoshop is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc., and I am in no way
affiliated with Adobe. Okay, so this tutorial, we're actually going to move the left back
foot. Now, some people would argue that you can actually get both of these feet in a reflection,
and make it look good. And, it's quite possible to do, by using the Perspective or the Skew
in Free Transform. But, for this tutorial, I'm going to do them one at a time, because
sometimes they can be kind of tricky, trying to match up stuff to make it look realistic.
So, I'm going to go back up to background layer, the original dog layer, and I'm going
to actually Command or Ctrl J to duplicate it. And, I'm going to work with the one below
the one on top. Once again, like we have been doing. So, what I'm going to do is, I'm actually
going to bring up my Free Transform box, by hitting Command or Ctrl T, once again. And,
I'm going to right click and Flip Vertical again. And, I'll hit the check-mark or hit
Return, and make sure you're move tool's checked, and you want to come over here. And, let's
line up this back left foot. As you can see, it looks kind of weird, it doesn't look like
it really lines up. So, we want to hit Command or Ctrl T, once again. And we kind of, kind
of turn it once again. Just like I did it, right there. Come over here. We want to match
it up as close as possible, so that way, it looks real. And, if you want to use your Page
Down, and Page Up keys, it actually gives you a lot better functionality. So, what we
want to do is, we got it looking pretty good. What you want to do, is, you want to hit the
Return key, and then you want to go ahead and grab your a, grab your Erase tool once
again, and you erase everything, but that left foot. Okay, so we got that left foot
reflection in there. Then all we got to do is make the back, the back right one. And
sort of, if the reflection's kind of funny, don't worry about it, because we're going
to drop the opacity, and we're going to do all sorts of stuff, to make it look really
cool. As you can see, I just erased some of that. Don't, try not to erase anything. Try
to just leave it the way it is, cause when we go, when we finish it, it's going to look
a lot better than what it does now.