FUNNY: Test YOUR Breath—The Stench That Stole Christmas

Uploaded by curebadbreath on 04.11.2009


it's that time of year again for some of You to brush your teeth and for the rest of us to give gifts
whether you celebrate christmas, hanukah, kwanza, ramadan or boxing day somebody you
know has bad breath, that smells like the wrong end of a reindeer
Happy freakin holidays!
Your breath reeks...Now I know what your asking, how do I know if I am on the good breath list or the bad breath list
This! Its not just for stirring hot coco. You just pu the spoon
on the back of your tongue and gently scrape and let it dry. If it stinks your breath sticks
You're on the bad breath list!
So instead of a person, you can kiss your changes under the mistletoe goodbye.
Its the Stench That Stole Christmas. Now for all you good girls and boys out there that to check our breath
We checked our tongue. 90% of bad breath comes from
bacteria and residue on the tongue. On the TONGUE!
Your tongue is like snow soaking up all that bacteria.
Tooth Brushes are meant to clean the smooth surfaces of your teeth.
Not your tongue.....
the tongue scraper?
That's like trying to clean your carpet with a snow shovel
mouthwash is like trying to water down yellow snow.
Does that really help? And then theres the option that actually works, the Orabrush!
The soft bristles feel great against your tongue, its like a little workshop in your mouth.
Think of the bristles as little cleaning elves. Its the cure for bad breath. Use it in the morning for fresh
breath all-day and it's easy to use. Just go back and forth on your tongue
A few times, go all the way back and pull it forward.
And see what comes off.
Its the cure for bad breath. Use it in the morning for
for fresh breath all-day and
that christmas party..... eh...
You know what I'm talking about.
Tis the season for giving, so give us all a gift and get an Orabrush, stuff it in
your stocking, wrap it up, do what ever you need to. And for the rest of us,
Lets get in the spirit!
Spread the cheer around! If you are afraid of any body, stuff it in their
stocking and laugh when they pull it out!
no seriously....
Go to to get your free orabrush today.
Its the Stench That Stole Christmas....