Na`Vi.DOTA Roshan battle vs mousesports @ StarSeries GrandFinal

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jul 15, 2012

Xboct comes to roshan, sees that he is being killed, turns on bkb
Stun flies in, Light jumps on Bamboe, great heal, Dendi comes in! Will he ulti?
Dendi waits...
ARS-art dies, mouz has to pull back tho, is the fight lost for NaVi?
Not yet, doublekill by Black, Light buys back, Dendi no mana, Light comes back
Black continues to chance Puppey, will he die or not?Black?...dies
Look, Dendi gets caught, he might experience problems, Xboct...
Singsing's windrun is ending shortly, tide jumps...Xboct after him...
Xboct unstoppable!