OFF2010 (Eng Subs - CC)

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It's time for the special guest!
What are you talking about?
Please, come on out!
Who? Who is it?
It's Namie!
What? For real?
Namie Amuro!
No way!
Sorry about this.
Good evening.
Wait, wait, I'm a little scared.
Somebody's gonna cry!
I didn't know anything about this!
The audience is all coming to the front!
Come up front, come up front!
Why did I, the MC, not know about this?
You didn't know?
I didn't know anything!
I was told just right before this.
Sorry about this, Namie.
Let's do a proper introduction.
Here's the special guest, Namie Amuro!
Good evening!
It's okay.
When you're so busy...
I should apologize for today.
No, no.
We didn't tell you anything.
Yeah, on the red carpet,
She came on after me and there was a big commotion!
Isn't this a spectacular set-up?
It is.
To be able to see Namie Amuro.
When we came on, everyone was looking behind us!
Everyone would get really excited, when she passed by them.
Everyone has their cell phones out.
Did you know she was coming?
You didn't know, right?
They didn't know.
Good thing you waited around!
We're surprised, too.
You're really lucky.
I thought they might riot.
Please have a seat, Namie.
Everything was moving.
The NicoNico Video viewers are going nuts.
Is this that well-known of a show?
Don't all of you Okinawans know each other?
To put it plainly,
She's the success of Okinawa and we are the failures...
That's not true.
You're all successes.
Have you met before?
No, I think this is the first time.
When I was in middle school,
Namie was surrounded by a crowd
we were at the edge above, waving madly, We're over here!
She's a big star in Okinawa, right?
Of course.
No, no, no.
What about Garage Sale?
We've met while working, but
When I see her on tv, I know
she's the person who made Okinawa seem like a cool place.
I can only think of Gushiken Yoko (pro boxer).
Chochune- (Really-)
So, Namie changed the image of Okinawa? Really?
Really? I didn't know that.
No, we're really happy with what she's accomplished.
It's amazing.
What's that? You love Namie Amuro?
Here you are on NicoNico Video.
The NicoNico Video is crazy.
How long has it been since you were last in Okinawa?
It's been a year.
Last year, at the time of the Okinawa Film Festival
I was here, but I wasn't able to participate
since I had a concert at the same time.
So, this is your first time?
Isn't that great?
Yeah, so,
Like I was saying before,
When Namie showed up,
this female talent in front of me started crying.
Being able to see Namie in person.
Even a fellow celebrity will burst into tears, at that.
But, when that crying celebrity saw me
she stopped crying.
What does that make me?
You stayed calm then.
We really felt it was like magic.
That's right.
She's everyone's...
All women admire her.
Am I right?
People from Okinawa are amazing!
hmm, Nagata?
Who was it?
Nakata Sachiko
The Queen of Comedy
Do you know her?
No, I don't.
She doesn't!
That old lady in all those commercials
Nakata Sachiko
She doesn't know!
If you saw her face,
you would know who she is.
Yes, probably.
But, you'd gone to Tokyo already, right?
When you moved to Tokyo
You were
When I was 14,
That's right.
It was the Super Monkeys, then.
You know that much.
I know a lot.
Isn't it great that you all stayed around?
That's why Nagisa was rushing her segment earlier.
Didn't the time come quickly?
Since Namie's shown up, the comments say
Jinnai's not getting paid for this.
That's fine with me!
Everyone else isn't getting paid, either!
What, everyone?
Sorry about that, Kariyushi58.
That's fine.
I also will
Is that okay, Namie? To not be paid?
Yes, it's okay.
This is really great.
Did you know?
They only told me that 20 minutes before the end
a big surprise guest was coming.
I said, oh, is it Namie Amuro?
He said, Did I say that?
And I thought, ah...
When I was walking the red carpet,
when we we walked by
the audience was pretty calm.
Then, the audience gave a loud cry.
It was loud.
Everyone was screaming.
I thought, what's going on?
It was Namie Amuro and
the NicoNico Video guy, Hara, walking behind us.
That's why
all the celebrities that came here
weren't told that she was coming.
Nobody here knew.
What, what, what?
Everyone was abuzz.
Not just the audience.
All the celebrities there were all abuzz about it, too.
All at once, they became like star-struck fans.
eh, Namie Amuro? Namie Amuro?
Well, that's to be expected.
Like they had never seen a celebrity before.
You do become star-struck.
When do you return to Tokyo?
I go back tomorrow.
Don't leave yet, they're saying!
I would like to stay longer.
Don't go home so soon.
You, stop time for Namie!
If you could, please.
Please, stay longer.
All you in the audience taking pictures,
are you jealous? You want to
No way!
The two of us?
I thought the special guest was Itao Itsuji.
That's why he was there the whole time.
What we were saying earlier
I never thought it'd be Namie.
Earlier, we were asking everyone, do you have any
recommendations on where to go in Okinawa?
I get asked that a lot, but
I left Okinawa when I was fourteen
so I don't really know where is good.
Since you left before you were twenty,
you wouldn't know all the drinking places, etc.
What was the name of that place? Kuchakucha
Tamagusuku. (Name of a town)
Nobody said Kuchakucha...
I thought it was Hanakuchakucha.
Hatsune mispronounced it earlier, so you also...
Hama, hama, hama
Have you heard of Hamagusuku?
Do you know it? It's a power spot.
A power spot? (Place with spiritual energy)
She doesn't know it.
I don't know it was a power spot.
You sure?
It's also like Sefautaki (power spot).
Namie's like a power spot, herself.
What do you think, Shingo?
As you're both singers.
It's like receiving the most amazing present in all my 29 years.
He's a quick one!
As they're both musicians.
Like a power spot.
Definitely go there sometime.
Yes, I really like power spots.
So, you don't really know Okinawa well?
I really don't.
Since you left at age 14.
Do you have any recommendations for Tokyo?
Where's a good place in Tokyo?
Tokyo? Hold on,
You looked at me and started laughing!
So cute!
What is that?
Give me that expression!
Can't do that!
Show me your hand.
You're all covered in hair.
Namie doesn't like that!
Kemuro (Hairy-muro) Namie desu.
Don't say that.
Will he sell?
Stop with the Kemuro Namie.
What's a Kemuro Namie?
Stop saying that stuff.
That surprised me.
So, what about the email questions?
No, the emails are...
We can just continue talking like this.
Is that okay?
There's questions for Namie, but we can skip them?
It's okay?
They're telling us to keep chatting.
We've been talking plenty.
Isn't she going on tour?
Right, this is supposed to be a music program!
Is that so?
Sorry, I didn't know that.
Oh, really?
It's a music program, so,
Tell us what you are up to now.
From this April, I start my concert tour.
I perform in Okinawa in November.
So, please come if you have time.
In November?
Where will it be?
At the Convention Center?
You think so?
Someplace like that.
Well, it's from November.
You'll know then.
When you come back.
Namie's concerts are the best!
One time, I was able to appear in her concert as Gorie.
She's so cool!
She has everything.
And not one arm hair!
She doesn't want to hear about the arm hair.
It was
I tried to learn and do one dance with her,
but it was so fast, I couldn't follow along.
The dancing was so intense.
I don't really know that much about music
but I watch PVs and stuff.
Namie is a good singer.
And being able to sing and dance at the same time is really something!
No, I think you become used to it,
You could do it, too. Try it sometime.
No way, I can't do that.
I can't. Even on piano, it's halting.
So, what happened around this time last year?
Jinnai, what happened this time last year?
You already know!
What happened?
You know already!
Did something happen?
You know what!
At this time last year, Jinnai's manager
and our manager were the same.
The manager looked like he was going to fall over
from lack of sleep and running around.
And the phone wouldn't stop ringing.
It must've been tough.
Yes, a lot was happening then.
Sorry to hear that.
Thank you for your concern.