Islamic Museum

Uploaded by ImmiTV on 28.12.2011

So the idea of the expedition and the whole point was if we were to really understand the

Australian Muslim contribution and history to Australia, I thought it was best for
myself, as the founder, and the team go and hear the stories from the local communities.

We're not academics, we're not historians, however, if we can share their stories, a) it

will benefit the museum and the artifacts and the stories that we can collect, but at the
same time will give me a deeper understanding and learning.
This is the first mosque in Australia in the 1800's, mud-walls.
Islamic museums missions and objectives is really about fostering community harmony and
really to broaden the successful inter-faith multicultural landscape in Australia you

will see four principle permanent gallery displays Islamic art and architecture.
You will see Islamic beliefs and practices.
The Australian Muslim history and the Islamic contribution to civilisation.
The project's been about three years in the works.
We're now up to with, we've created the inside, the exterior, curated the process and we
look to establish and build and have a launch in 2013.
I think it's something we take for granted, the multicultural landscape we are very

blessed to have so many nationalities so many different languages and so many different

religions and faiths and the uniqueness of it is when you understand and learn to share

and experience you will learn to celebrate this cultural diversity.