aetbaar part 8 w/eng subs

Uploaded by Sha0allyss on 06.04.2009

That's something!
Aryan! What are you doing?
Leave him alone, Aryan!
You're leaving without breakfast again! - l'll have it at the canteen, Papa
What's this? - Nothing, Papa
l got hurt while playing throw-ball
I've got an extra class, l must go
Sheetal, this boy is not right for Ria
We'll have to find out everything about him immediately
Where have l seen him before...?
What's so important? You didn't even come to the college
Come on inside
l'm leaving. - Listen to me, Ria. Listen...
he's terribly ashamed about what he did yesterday
He's terribly ashamed. When he got to know that we're just friends...
he came here early in the morning. He fell at my feet and apologised
How's he to blame? He's madly in love with you Ria
l've forgiven him, you know. You must forgive him too
Listen to me, Ria...
why don't you listen to me? - Let me go...
l can't bear your silence
Hate me all you want
Or give me all your love
Yes, it all appears to be okay. But l've had a word with Dr Asthana
Please see him. Maybe we need to do another test or two
The number...? Must be there on his card
Please hold on. l'll give it to you
Take a seat. - l'm not here to sit down
All l have come to tell you is that you will...
never ever meet Ria again
May l know why?
Because my daughter is very innocent
She doesn't know the difference between man and beast
You hid your real face and kept lying to her
And she kept believing you
With a pack of lies, you kept winning sympathy from her
And the poor girl kept getting close to you, but now...
now l'm not letting it happen
Till today, l knew nothing about your past
But l've got to know everything now
What have you got to know?
This is the truth about you
Your father did not die in a car accident
You personally burnt him alive
You are a criminal
You have spent 3 years in a home for juvenile offenders
lf l wished, l could have told my daughter about these things first
But l didn't want to break her heart. The man she trusted so much...
l didn't want to show her his repulsive face
ln your own interests, it would be good for you...
to quietly go far away from her for your entire life
What if l refuse?
ln that case l will do what a father does...
to save his children from a wild beast's clutches
He either locks up the animal in a cage...
or shoots it