Hungarian Grand Prix - Stefano Domenicali, about race

Uploaded by ferrariworld on 31.07.2011

- Stefano, in low temperatures, the cold,
the humidity and rain, Ferrari suffers.
- Well, suffers? Today I think that the race conditions
were rather special and difficult and the race itself
was shaped by various incidents.
Therefore, in the end, we have to be pleased with this result,
with this podium for Fernando and the result that Felipe delivered.
So I repeat that, but for some incidents
the race could have gone differently
and we could have got more points
in conditions that definitely are not the ones that suit us best.
- With hindsight, how do you evaluate the strategy
decisions taken on the Ferrari pit wall?
- Perfect, we always made the right calls
and there were no mistakes in terms of bringing forward
or delaying the choices.
And as for the moment when we made the first stop with Fernando,
the only reason that was delayed a bit was fundamentally
because there was traffic in pit lane because a Mercedes was coming in.
Therefore, from this aspect all the choices made to do were the right ones.
- Next comes Spa, so how do you prepare for that
with the mandatory factory shutdown period?
- For us, we still have one week at work, before the two week break,
as is the case for all the teams and I say again,
we can have some great moments between
now and the end of the season because the car continues to show
that we have made progress with it
and from this point of view, I am sure that,
sooner or later the warm weather will come!
But joking apart, we have shown we are progressing
therefore I expect that in the second part of the season
we will be on the attack.
Let’s not forget that, over the past four races,
Alonso is the driver who has scored the most points
of anyone and that is a fact born out by the numbers.
- Red Bull has not won for three races and there are always different winners.
- Well I think if we could persuade Vettel to stop driving,
the championship fight would be amazing!
The drivers in second third and fourth spots are all within
a few points of one another.
But Vettel did build up all those points in the early part of the season
but one should never say never.
And if we continue to keep up the pressure, along with McLaren,
who have won more races than us,
then we must continue not to waste any opportunities
that come our way and the maths can be done at the end.