Alkaline Diet, Paleo Diet? Alkaline Paleo Diet!

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Congratulations. You’ve just taken your most important first step on what we passionately
believe is the ultimate way to good health!
What you are about to discover in this and the following videos is the result of 20 years
of research and study across almost every known field of health and nutrition.
Over that time we’ve personally interviewed scores of leading health and nutrition experts.
We’ve researched and trialled almost every diet from the raw food regime and the ‘no
meat, no dairy’ diet to the alkaline diet and the paleo diet.
We’ve put our health on the line and made mistakes that you don’t have to.
We’ve gone down dangerous diet pathways you can – and should - avoid.
We’ve trialled hundreds of promise-filled products, pills, potions and programmes that
simply don’t work.
Everything we’re about to recommend to you here has been tried and tested in our own
Everything that worked – everything that helped transform our health and the health
of the thousands of people who have written into us over the years - is revealed here

The simple secret to endless energy.
The ultimate insight into the causes of so many debilitating and unnecessary everyday
health problems.
Easy, affordable, natural and proven ways to help cure yourself of high blood pressure,
anxiety, IBS, depression, headaches, migraines, candida, chronic fatigue, osteoporiasis, dementia,
weight gain and libido loss.
Ways to understand, avoid and even heal heart disease and many forms of cancer.
It’s all here and it’s all absolutely free.
So sit back, take a deep, alkalising breath… and enjoy.
As we say here at Alkaway, you’ve got nothing to lose – and a whole lifetime of endless
energy and vibrant health to gain…
(Cassie V/O behind onscreen graphics)
Cassie’s Voice: The first thing you need to know about the Alkaway is that it is not
another new diet – nutrition is important, seriously important, but nutrition is only
one aspect of the Alkaway.
There are actually four essential and easily-addressed aspects to this unique and truly-amazing way
which, when applied together, will totally transform your health, turn back the clock
on your appearance and flood your body with energy!
Now before you start thinking “ four aspects, this is all sounding too hard already” – it’s
In fact one of the 3 other ‘essential aspects’ I’m going to introduce you to shortly is
as easy as turning on your kitchen tap.
And the other two are up to you – if you include them you’ll simply get better, longterm
If you don’t, you’ll still make enormous improvements in your everyday health and energy.
So what are the four essential, easily-applied aspects to the Alkaway?
Here they are here:
1. Nutrition –You’re going to discover the best foods for maximum health, maximum
energy and maximum protection from degeneration and disease.
Water - Our blood is 82% water. Our lungs are 90% water and our brain is 85% water.
At the end of the day we’re all just a whole lot of grown-up ‘water babies’!
We use 3-4 litres of water just living each day. We expel 2 litres of water just breathing!
The fastest, easiest, cheapest way to improve your energy and your health is to drink the
right amount of water every single day. And when we say ‘water’ we’re not referring
to acidic bottled or tank water, we’re talking about a kind of water that is as alkaline
as a super-serving of spinach, as energising as a caffeine hit and teeming with more anti-oxidants
than you’ll find in any plant, potion or high-priced product on Earth. But more about
that shortly…
Exercise. Exercise is another word for “active alkalising’. Also did you know that from
40 onwards we lose 1% of our muscle tissue every year. It mightn’t sound much but over
20 years that’s a fifth of all our body’s muscles. Also, without some regular resistance
workout our bones lose their density and become osteoporatic. The combined outcomes of diminished
muscle tissue and osteoporatic bones is increased physical frailty and increased risk of falls
- one of the top five causes of death in our society! And you might be interested to learn
that medical science has recently proven a link between regular exercise and the reversing
of cognitive diseases such as dementia.
4. Lifestyle. If you seriously want the Alkaway to work for you like its already working for
thousands of others, you’ve got to look at all those bad lifestyle habits like smoking,
too much alcohol, too much time acidifying infront of the tele… The simple truth is,
once you start on the Alkaway and start feeling the enormous improvements in your energy and
wellbeing, you’ll want to change your lifestyle!
So there, in brief, are the four Essential Pillars. And, as I said earlier, none of these
work in isolation – especially the first two, NUTRITION AND WATER.
Let’s look at them now because they are, without doubt, the two most important and
most misunderstood subjects of all!
And to tell you about them I have to relate an experience that utterly changed my life
– and the life of my partner and Alkaway Co-founder, Ian Hamilton.
It’s fair to say it was an experience that probably saved our lives – certainly our
For decades Ian and I had studied, researched and practised almost every aspect of nutrition
and healthy living.
We had immersed ourselves in the findings of the world’s acknowledged experts – best-selling
international authors and authorities on food, health and natural healing.
By the end of those two decades there wasn’t much we didn’t know and hadn’t tried.
For many years we embraced the alkaline diet –lots of raw salads, nuts, steamed vegies,
alkaline-rich vegie juices and litres of alkalised and anti-oxidant –rich-water every day.
It seemed like nutritional utopia. Gone were the usual winter colds and flus - and the
constant alkalising cancelled out many of the everyday acidifiers that cause inflammation
in the body – stress, high-carb foods, shallow breathing, pollution and toxins.
As you can verify for yourself on the various websites, the Alkaline diet exponents claim
that all you need to do to regain and retain perfect health is eat 80% alkaline foods and
reduce your acidic food intake to 20%.
In terms of the body’s instinctive drive to maintain an almost 80-20 alkaline/acid
balance, this seems to make perfect sense.
Or does it?
One of the major – and permissible - food groups on the alkaline diet is fruit. Fruit
is a delicious, natural source of alkaline minerals.
Throughout our years on the alkaline diet my partner and I consumed tonnes of fruit.
We even added fruit to our daily vegie juices.
Unfortunately, as I later discovered, fruit is not the alkaliser we all thought it was.
In fact the high sugar content in fruit actually acidifies the body – and our poor livers
don’t even see it coming!
Not only that, the acidic foods that made up 20% of our new diet actually lacked the
nutritional punch our bodies needed.
We devoured grains, nuts, pulses and lentils. We always ate whole foods but the truth you
may not want to hear is that none of these foods are complete proteins– they lack vital
parts of the amino acid chain that are absolutely essential to the body!
For a long time we seemed to be fine – no outward signs of poor health at all.
Then one day I suddenly realised my 60 year old partner Ian’s memory was definitely
Then he fell off his son’s skateboard, broke his leg and discovered he had an advanced
form of osteoporosis.
In the meantime I had started experiencing all kinds of not-so-nice menopausal symptoms
along with an increasing bouts of irritable bowel syndrome.
Something we were or weren’t eating –was quietly under-mining our precious health - and
it didn’t take much research to discover what!
And here’s when we realised the Alkaline diet was only half the story. The other half
was based on a simple, scientific and, (to many vegetarians, raw foodies and alkaline
dieters) unacceptable fact - Good Fats –fats saturated in complete amino acids– fats
not found in the vegetable kingdom but only in the animal kingdom – in meat, fish and
eggs - are every bit as essential to good health as alkaline rich greens and water!
Our brain is 70% fat. Our heart's real food is saturated fat.
All those 'whole' foods we were eating as a substitute for animal products are totally
missing these good fats.   The fact is, we need good fats to create cholesterol,
the body's natural food source for all of our hormone cascade. Yes we do need cholesterol.
  Cholesterol creates hormones in the body,
so if we are deprived of it we are unable to make the hormones necessary for healthy
hormonal balance. If I am only going to have only 20% acidic
foods in my diet then they need to be the best nutrient dense foods I can get.
So if we reduce or remove fruit, what are we left to eat? Greens! And what is the most
nutrient -dense and amino acid packed food on the planet?
Meat, eggs and fish! Remember: Vegetables are great detoxifiers
but they are not nutrient dense.
This amazing discovery regarding the crucial role of good fats and complete amino acids
led us to an amazing nutrient-rich diet where you actually eat less!
(Cut to full-screenscreen graphic: The Paleo Diet- A Nutrient Dense Diet where you'll naturally
eat less!) The Paleo Diet is based on what mankind has
evolved to eat over the course of our evolution. Our Palaeolithic ancestors ate some fruits
and vegetables – only in season - and when they could, some honey but the bulk of their
food was meat, with fish and eggs in certain areas. This is a very nutrient dense diet.
I'm not making this up. You'll find an excellent link to Dr Loren Cordain's research on this
page. Our ancestors had clean food, clean air and
clean water so they had very little need for detoxifying. They had little need for vegetables
and would eat them in small amounts when game was scarce.
It's now clear to many Paleo Anthropologists that we could not possibly be sufficiently
evolved enough to live healthily on the highly acidic carbohydrate food that we are giving
to ourselves today. An evolution of that degree will take thousands of years. In fact our
bodies are still 'paleo' – they still have a blueprint that survives best on what they
evolved to eat; meat and fat. You may disagree but the research is clear.
Never before in our history have we consumed the amount of sugar we have consumed today.
Grains - especially wheat - have been around for a relatively miniscule part of mankind's
history. Our paleo gut just isn't able to deal with these high levels of carbohydrates
, so opportunistic bacteria abounds in the bowel consuming what our normal digestion
can't deal with- carbohydrates. Graphic onscreen: Why the Alkaline Paleo Diet?
By combining the Alkaline
Diet with its powerful pH restoring benefits and the essential Good Fat features of the
Paleo diet in an 80-20 ratio, we are giving our bodies the very best building blocks for
longterm good health.
Already I have noticed enormous improvements in my partner’s memory. His testosterone
levels, low on the alkaline-only diet, are back where they should be. We have both noticed
incredible changes in our energy
and wellbeing.