Search updates on LinkedIn with Signal

Uploaded by LinkedIn on 20.12.2010

In a world of information overload,
the feed of updates and tweets can feel like
an endless stream from every direction.
LinkedIn casts a professional lens on this stream
to help you get the relevant insights you need.
On the LinkedIn homepage are all the updates
from your professional network.
To see what people are sharing or
tweeting about a particular topic,
just click on Search Updates
and enter a keyword.
You'll see updates and tweets on this topic
from everyone on LinkedIn.
Select only topics from your immediate connections
to narrow down the results.
Not only can you see what people
are sharing and tweeting,
but also information on their professional identity.
So you know who they are, and
how you might be connected to them.
Only LinkedIn provides this layer of insight
to the stream of updates and tweets.
Imagine that you're about to propose a
strategic partnership with Apple's iPhone team.
LinkedIn can show you what Apple employees --
or employees at Apple's competitors --
are saying.
Maybe your proposal targets Internet professionals.
Find what users in this industry are saying today,
or even in the last hour.
And read top headlines shared by people
in this industry on LinkedIn Today.
Now imagine you're looking for a job
in marketing and advertising in New York.
Your network is one of the strongest assets
in your job search, and this is a great way
to find contacts based on a common industry
or location.
Finally, save any search and check for new updates later.
LinkedIn can now become your
business intelligence dashboard,
as you search updates,
connect to others, and find opportunities
more easily than ever before.