Behind the Scenes: The Green Bay Packers at The White House

Uploaded by whitehouse on 16.08.2011

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President Obama: I would like to welcome all the players to the
White House.
Some of them I've had a chance to meet before.
Wonderful guys.
Aaron Rodgers: It's great to be here at the White House.
It's actually my second visit in the last 12 months.
It's amazing to be able to share kind of the ending of our season
with the President knowing he's a Bear's fan and this is a great
honor to be here and to get to meet him.
And just I enjoy the history.
I'm a history major from college.
And I enjoy a building like this knowing how much history
has gone on here.
Mason Crosby: I've been walking around taking pictures with all
the former presidents.
They've kind of kept it, you know,
kept it classic and what it's -- you know,
what it's been I guess for a very long time.
This is exciting to be able to see all of this.
President Obama: In the Super Bowl, the Packers showed just what a championship
team is made of and that you deserve those rings
Coach McCarthy had you fitted on the night before.
We also know that the Packers are made of more
than one player or one season; they're made of
the people of Green Bay.
And today 112,000 people own a piece of this franchise.
It is the only publicly-owned team in pro sports.
That sport goes both ways.
The Packers have raised more than $4 million for charities
in communities all across Wisconsin and Michigan.
More than 300 schools participated in the Packers
"Fit Kids Program" to promote childhood health.
Greg Jennings: The "Fit Kids Program" is all about staying healthy
and teaching kids how to be more healthy.
And it's being active.
You know, it kind of ties in with the "Play 60."
The First Lady's initiative, the "Let's Move" initiative.
It's all about getting kids more active and being more
involved outside of just sitting down on a sofa and
playing video games and things like that.
Charles Woodson: You know, it's important for kids to start early
and trying to learn different ways to make
sure that they're healthy as an adult because things that
affect you later in life they start early.
So I think what the First Lady is doing is trying to
get the children early on in grade school,
get to the parents so that they're educated on the fact,
is a good thing.
President Obama: Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers on your fourth
SuperBowl Championship and record 13th NFL championship!
Packers Fans: Go Pack go! Go Pack go! Go Pack go! Go Pack go!