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Level 8 : A Glimmer of Hope
WellÖ Here we are !
So thatís Deathguardís dungeon ?
Yup. Itís Horizon 1.0 easiest Instance.
Anyway, Itís nice of you to do this dungeon over again in order to help me get some stuff.
'cause you think that you'll catch any loot ?
First share goes to the guildís elder players, and Guyís are First !
First, letís try getting in. As for the rest, weíll see.
Yup, It's true...
Hold onÖ Youíre telling me that you never managed to finish Deathguard's dungeon ?
We donít even know that the inside looks like.
I do, but this was back in the days, when I had my level 100 Avatar.
Na, youíre busting my chops !
You just told me that it was the gameís easiest instance.
For our defense did somebody mention that we have the gameís biggest dork on our team.
The Noob Guild !
As long as we have him in the team,
no dungeon is never gonna be easy, even Deathguard.
YepÖ So why do we go there ?
We are going to get owned...
We all leveled up since last timeÖ
I think that it should be fine now.
Here we go !
Discovery : Deathguard
WellÖ You see Him over there ?
Thatís Dardane, the dungeonís keeper.
You all remember what you have to do right ?
I do, but the girl and the Noob...
WellÖIt had been a while since you said sh...
I didnít do it !
DamnÖ He did it again.
WellÖ HumÖ Itís not this bad.
Go, assume battle stations !
Gaea and bandaid, stay at long range
during Omega Zell and me weíll take him at close range !
Let's go !
Oh ! But Zell, aggro !
You will come back here !
Why is the bastard gaining Hit points ?
Take a wild Guess !
But, Bandaid...
Stop healing the enemy and focus on us !
Anyway, it doesnít make that big of a difference !
ButÖ Itís extra hard !
Youíre moving around !
Well... Itís not looking good.
Well, when the first loot drops, I take it and the I am out of here !
We never held that long before, thatís a good sign !
Damn this shitty boss is really giving us hell !
This team is full of morons !
Hey ! Itís almost tea time !
Yum ! I smell pudding !
Artheon, my Fury gauge is fully loaded !
Fury : Ultimate Apolloís Omega Slash
What a moronÖ
Well ! Thatís a good thing I am her !
It canít be true... Bandaid, heal me !
Iíll take him down !
I am all out of mana !
Bloody hell ! Come on Bandaid, heís got only one percent !
Drop it... Letís g...
Oh no ! They are dead !
Friends, you can count on me,
I am going to win this oneís for you !
Synchronization: Florian Beaume Translation : Guillaume Picchi