Introducing Joined Reports in Salesforce

Uploaded by salesforce on 30.01.2012

In this demo, we'll show you how to create a joined report using the report builder.
Joined reports let you view different types of information in a single report. For example,
your report could contain opportunities, cases, and accounts,
as well as data from your custom apps and custom objects.
Let's create a report showing accounts with both open and closed opportunities and active
support cases.
We'll start with a summary report, which we created previously. The report displays Open
Opportunities that were created during the previous fiscal year.
We want to see a side-by-side comparison of New versus Closed Opportunities. To do that,
we'll switch to the joined report format.
Notice that the report's appearance has changed: our report now displays in a block. In a joined
report, each block represents a separate view of your data.
Let's create a second block. This block will contain Closed Opportunities. To create it,
we simply drag a field to the empty area beside Block 1.
Notice that we now have a second set of filters in the filter pane.
Now, drag additional fields for the second block to the Preview pane.
Let's filter the second block so that only last year's Closed opportunities appear.
Right now, our report shows two views of Opportunity data. To make our report more useful, we're
going to see which accounts also have active Cases by adding the Cases report
A third block now appears in the report. It's highlighted in green to show that it's based
on a different report type from the other blocks.
Also, notice that the Fields pane has changed. It now shows three categories: Common Fields,
Opportunities, and Cases. Fields that are shared by all report types and can be
used for grouping appear in Common Fields.
We'll clean up the third block a bit . . .
. . .and add a filter so that only active cases appear.
And now, let's group the report by Account.
Finally, we'll add titles to the blocks to clarify what they're showing.
Now let's run our report. To see summary information only, click Hide Details. Now, the report
looks more like a scorecard for each account.
We've created a joined report that contains both opportunity and case data, and it only
took a few minutes. To learn more, see "Joined Report Overview" in the online help.