Be an Online Student -- Lund

Uploaded by facultydevelopment on 09.08.2010

>> I'm Jane Lund from the University of York,
the department of social policy and social work,
and I think one thing I would advise potential online tutors
to do is to experience being an online student first.
And I found that useful, that, that experience
so invaluable actually made me realize how hard it is
to be an online student and how much I needed help
with staying motivated and how much
that made me realize how much
of a motivation role an online instructor,
tutor has to have.
I also found I didn't find it a very pleasant experience
[laughs], and that's quite important to understand
that not everybody will find it engaging.
>> How much of a, how much
of an impact did the instructor have on, on your enjoying
that experience would you say?
>> For me, and I think it has a lot to do
with my learning preferences as well, -
>> OK.
>> This won't be the case for everybody,
but for me getting response and feedback from the tutor
who used my name and actually acknowledged what I said
in the online discussions was incredibly motivational.
I think if they hadn't done that,
if I felt the tutor wasn't listening to me or hearing me,
I probably would have drifted off.
>> Yeah.
>> So I found that, that, that aided my desire to continue
with the learning and the reading and the participation
because I was getting that feedback from the tutor.
>> Now, when you go to be an online instructor,
what will you carry with you coming out of,
from the student perspective?
How does that influence what you do as an online instructor?
>> I think I'll remember how,
how hard it can be to stay motivated.
To want to go back into that online activity,
and you need to, the, the need to, to give students a reason
for coming back into that discussion.
And, and that's going to be different, different students -
>> True.
>> A generic approach, but understanding how hard it is
to stay motivated when you're learning at a distance.
>> Yeah, yeah.
>> Will affect, I think, your, your,
your experience as, as an instructor.
If you've had the experience of being a student.