Johnnie Walker Step Inside Singapore: Hamilton, Button and the Night Race

Uploaded by JWStepInside on 28.09.2011

I think Singapore is a really special place.
It's absolutely beautiful. There's a real buzz about it.
Singapore is a really exciting race, because it's a night race.
We stay on a European time zone, so we go to bed at 5am, 6am,
and wake up at two or three o'clock in the afternoon.
It's very, very strange.
It still means that you're racing at two in the afternoon in Europe.
So, mentally, you're in the right place, right frame of mind.
Because of the climate, because it's so humid,
as soon as you put your thermals on - not the suit, the thermals -
you're sweating already, so that's how difficult it is here.
It's also the longest race on the calendar. It's two hours.
So, it's very, very tough for us.
And they have to open up the gym for us,
because no one ever goes at 2am.
And everyone else is partying at that time in the morning.
If your mantra is to follow the money,
then Singapore is clearly
the number one target on the planet right now.
There's no place in the world where there's faster wealth creation.
Tremendous disposable income and wealth
coming from all over the world.
I guess it means something when 90% of your reservations for your tables
are all black Amexs.
I would say about a third of the room would be billionaires,
which is no small feat.
It's staggering.
It's a seriously live place.
There are lots of parties. People have a good time here.
The rest of us are working away,
and I get to do the coolest part of it.
You can see the brake discs glowing at night.
You see the flames coming out of the exhaust.
So, it's a really good atmosphere.
The track is amazing.
I don't know how many light bulbs there are around this track.
But there's a lot.
Most of the time I try to focus just on the circuit,
and I don't see anything outside that.
But here you see every single flash on every camera in the grandstands.
You can see the crowd. It's the biggest crowd of the year.
So, it's pretty impressive.
We go past this massive grandstand on the left.
I remember looking up and seeing every single person had their camera.
It seemed like they were taking a picture at the same time.
So, there's a massive flash on the left-hand side.
And you never get that in grand prix racing.
So, it was a pretty special moment. I had a little smile on my face.
After the race, we, obviously, go and enjoy ourselves a little bit.
During the grand prix season,
the atmosphere gets a lot more electrifying.
There's a huge buzz and vibrancy around the city.
I think Singapore is like the Monaco of the East.
You get the wealthy, the glamorous and the famous
coming to party and be seen, and just love the high life.
In fact, I think we might even be more fun that Monaco.
Our aim is always to win races.
It's to be as competitive as we can be.
We feel that we've made good progress with this car,
but we haven't been able to show it in every race.
We can still, as drivers, finish ahead of Ferrari,
and the second Red Bull driver.
So, we can really turn some heads, and we can improve the car,
and we can get some great results.