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NICK LAZZARINI: Which 10 crews made it onto America's Best
Dance Crew?
What musical is Lindsay Pearce starring in?
And who's getting slimed this year on the
Kids' Choice Awards?
This is Just Dance for March 22, 2012.
Hey guys, I'm Nick Lazzarini, Season One winner of So You
Think You Can Dance, here to step, kick, ball change your
way through this week in the world of dance.
The 10 crews who will be competing on the seventh
season of America's Best Dance Crew were announced, and they
look awesome.
You're going to see Collizion Crew, Elektrolytes, Fanny Pak,
8 Flavahz, Funkdation, Irratik, Mix'd Elements, Mos
Wanted Crew, Rated Next Generation, and Stepboys
compete for the ABDC championship on MTV.
Click here to watch our ABDC announcement video with the
one and only, Lil Mama.
The wait is finally over--
Season 14 of Dancing with the Stars kicked off
this week on ABC.
If you missed any of the celebrities vying for the
Mirror Ball Trophy, click here to check out my thoughts on
their first dances.
You guys all remember the beautiful and talented Lindsay
Pearce from the Glee Project last summer, who debuted this
season on Glee as Harmony.
Now she's starring in a production of Spring Awakening
right here in LA and was cool enough to stop by and have a
little chat.
So how did you get into Spring Awakening?
LINDSAY PEARCE: It's interesting.
I had listened to the music.
I mean, I didn't really know anything about the story.
I just listened to songs.
It was Lea and Jonathan Groff originating the roles, and
they were just so poignant, and the show is just so raw.
And then auditions came about in LA, and I went and ta-da.
NICK LAZZARINI: Yeah, and now you're starring in it.
That's crazy.
LINDSAY PEARCE: Yeah, and it's a dream come true.
NICK LAZZARINI: So, tell us a little bit about the
choreography in the show.
choreographer is Laura Harrison.
She's got this great natural, pedestrian, organic movement
that she does, but she's also very contemporary and modern.
And so we went from being kind of a dance heavy show to not a
dance heavy show to back to a really modern, contemporary,
dance-heavy show.
NICK LAZZARINI: The show sounds amazing.
Where can we see the show?
LINDSAY PEARCE: The show is in Hollywood.
It's at the Egyptian Arena Stage, and we are running for
March 16 to April 22.
NICK LAZZARINI: In Carrie Underwood's new video, "Good
Girl," Carrie tries to show us how she can be a bad girl.
Now in Carrie's world, that pretty much means wearing
frilly outfits, sitting in a weird house, and pretending to
be a pretty, pretty princess.
Kudos, though, to Mandy Moore, one of my dance mentors and
favorite choreographers, for choreographing the video and
helping Carrie with her bad side.
It's official--
Katy Perry will be performing at the 2012 Kids' Choice
Awards, and Will Smith is hosting.
Now, this already sounds 97% less boring than the Oscars.
And let's face it--
you haven't really made it unless you've been slimed.
The show will air Saturday, March 31 on Nickelodeon.
Arielle has some predictions for us, so let's see who she
thinks is taking home one of those
super-cool orange blimps.
ARIELLE: Now, let's see who I think is going to
go home with a blimp.
The nominees for best movie are Alvin and the Chipmunks:
Chipwrecked, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2,
The Muppets, and The Smurfs.
And seeing as though I've only seen one of these movies, I'm
going to go ahead and assume that that movie that I've
seen, which is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part
2 is going to win.
Best Music Group--
Big Time Rush, I have never heard of them.
Black Eyed Peas, although I like them, I think their 2006
album was the best, and after that they kind of flopped.
Lady Antebellum, they're OK.
I think LMFAO is going to win.
You want to check out more of me, you can click here, or you
can click the link of the description below.
NICK LAZZARINI: The Muppets came to Blu-ray
and DVD this week.
This is one of the most fun movies to come out last year
and even won an Oscar for Best Original Song for "Man or
Muppet." Michael Rooney choreographed the movie, which
makes me want to ask him, how the heck do you choreograph
for a Muppet?
Anyway, like our friend Joseph Birdsong says, this movie will
make you wish you were a Muppet.
It's a big day for Broadway revivals, as Jesus Christ
Superstar returns to the Great White Way for the first time
since 2000.
The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical opens today, March 22,
and we scored an interview with
choreographer Lisa Shriver.
LISA SHRIVER: I think for me this version is really
exploring the relationships between Jesus and Mary
Magdalene and Judas and looking at that friendship and
looking at the relationships that he had with others and
then just one of the quintessential rock operas and
of our generation.
So I think it's absolutely genius.
So just to even to be in the room when all this is going on
is fantastic, let alone to actually contribute.
NICK LAZZARINI: Things are really heating up on Smash.
I want to know, are you Team Ivy or are you Team Karen?
If you missed this week's episode, check out Luan's FYI
recap right here.
So I just came across Gordon Voidwell's dance-heavy video
for "XO Boyfriend." Now, I love the
song, and I love Gordon.
I think he's really talented, and I think he's got a really
cool, groovy way to his voice and to his style.
As much as I love a good dance video, this one had some
pretty interesting choices in it--
from the random blonde girl coming across the stage doing
a fan kick to the out of nowhere switch second in the
middle of the video.
Let's see what The Original Tyler has to say.
TYLER: The video is really, really different.
It's kind of unique from other videos.
I like the way that it was real choppy, and real dancey.
It was almost kind of like a throwback to Michael Jackson
"Thriller" kind of dancing.
And it was just one of those fun videos, a feel
good kind of song.
NICK LAZZARINI: A new movie called Musical
Chairs opens tomorrow.
And it's all about the world of
competitive ballroom dancing--
in wheelchairs.
As soon as I heard about this concept, I had to check out
the trailer.
I had no idea that the world of wheelchair
ballroom even existed.
So to me, the movie looks really inspiring, and I can't
wait to see it.
Dance Moms breaking news.
That's right, everybody--
the 90-minute Season Two finale is
airing April 3 on Lifetime.
But don't start freaking out that your Tuesday nights are
going to be void of dance drama because right after the
season finale, they're premiering Dance Moms Miami.
I have a feeling that this show is
going to be muy caliente.
If you guys missed this week's episode of Dance Moms, then
check out Todrick's recap here.
Well, that's it for me this week, everybody.
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