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Hello and welcome to the Tuesday show
if you're not familiar, my name is Philip DeFranco
and this show is really just me talking about some of the stuff
that mattered in the news to me starting with
:it's a happy day for American smokers
new packs in 2012 will have new warnings
we've seen this in places in Europe
Canada, but here's some of the amazingly
disgusting cigarette warnings
you got cancer of the mouth
holes in necks
you're killing children
you made this lady cry
and you put a zipper on this man's chest
do you know how out of style zippers are?
it's all about buttons and hoodies
but this isn't a new idea, they had put this in place
in other countries and the company that made them expects
that 200,000 people in the United States will quit next year
they're basing it on the drop out rate
after they did this in other countries, which I say great
plus smoking has to be the most inconvient thing on the planet
you can't even do it anywhere
and when you do people like stare at you
and really the only reason I like cigarettes
is it's easy to point the girls that'll blow you
like easy, super easy and that's a fact
and ladys can deny it, it's true
100% of the time, 7/10 times
if a girl smokes, she has an oral fixation
just hid her cigarettes, she'll give it up
that's terrible but true
oral fixation
I have one, you just hide the food, I'm a pleasure machine
that's weird
that's weird, mkay moving on
and an update to yesterdays story about Ryan Dunn dying
in a car crash, as of this time they have not released
the results of the autopsy, if they have
I will add an update in annotation form
but the big thing last night was Roger Ebert tweeted
:"Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive."
to which Bam Margera said
:"Fuck you Roger Ebert. Millions of people are crying"
other stuff and some Jackass fans got angry
shut down got angry, shut down Roger Ebert's
facebook page which is now back up
and this isn't the question of the day but something to answer if you want
do you think Roger Ebert crossing a line?
And of course because someone died,
Westboro Baptist Church is back and they're going to picket
his funeral, so of course if you would like to counter-protest
links and details in the descprition below
because if there's really one thing most of the Nation
can agree on is fuck the Westboro Baptist Church
you bitches, you stupid bitches

yesterday I saw so many Ryan Dunn jokes
like puns with his name about his death
I think I'm going to make a video where I just make puns
about possible deaths I could have in the future
like if I get shot or any puncture wounds
I guess "I got Phill'd in"
if I got hit by a car I'd probably say
"Welcome to the Hit & Run,
it's really not a hit & run, but me getting killed by a car."
aw that's sad, it's all sad
in super mega ultra nerdy news
Final Cut Pro X came out for the Mac today and
oh my god, I played around with it this morning for a little bit
and it finally takes advantage of the 64-bit
processor, it renders in the background
it takes any of the good stuff from iMovie
very little there, with a lot of the stuff you loved from Final Cut
and it was amazing, I have never
exported a video that fast in my entire life
now the bad part if there really is anything
is that there's not a express version available
Final Cut Express of course used to cost $99
Final Cut Studio Pro cost $1,000
but this is $300
which is a much nicer price point if
you are the software buying type and you're
not going to just download this illegially
not that any of my viewers would do that
in other news, is a hacker group called lulzsec
who's mission statement is: We do it for the lulz
they've been in the news recently for taking down
cyber security websites, Sega last week
a ton of other things, the big story is a lot of people saying
that that group is alledgely teaming up with
Anonymous and they're going to start going after more websites
and so there's that but one of the biggest stories was
in the UK the police were saying they arrested
a high level lulzsec guy
a 19 year old by name of Ryan Cleary
Ryan being arrested and his house raided because
he allegedly tried to hack into sites linked
to the CIA and Britian's serious crime agency
but something not so fun for the goverment
is lulzsec went to twitter and said
"Good new everybody: Ryan has little to do with lulzsec
besides running IRC
all 6 members of lulzsec are fine and safe"
other tweets pretty much say that Ryan Cleary is
you want to see something sexy?
meet Courtney Stodden
seen here

and here

and here
and you know what?
she's 16 you pervert!
oh my god you pervert
unless you're under 18, which is like 20% of you
and Courtney's hobbies other than being jail bait
and being a self proclaimed singer

She has now married the 51 year old creepy dude from Lost

that is disgusting, technically it's legal
because the mother approves
but that's disgusting, I mean I know love is blind
but love is also creepy

ah look at the happy couple

but guys that's really all that mattered to me this Tuesday
today we will be giving away a 64 GB iPod Touch
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I just thought that was nice of them
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but guys like I said that's everything that mattered to me today
I love your faces
and as always, my name is Philip DeFranco
and you've just been Phill'd in
and I will see you tomorrow