Justin Willman from Cupcake Wars Red Carpet Interview at Tasty Awards 2011

Uploaded by EdMagikTV on 18.01.2011

Yo, what's up, I'm Justin Willman from cupcake wars and you are watching ED MAGIK TV. Good job!
I am here with Justin Willman, the host of cupcake wars. Yeah, you love that show // Yes i love that show because my Grandma loves cupcakes.
Everyone's Grandma loves cupcakes. It's a good thing.
So, what brings you out here; and are you nominated for anything tonight?
I am. Believe it or not. I was nominated for best male host, right?
Some sort of clerical error resulted in that so i'll take it;
and i hear there's great free food,
so it's like a win-win.
What are some of the things you are looking forward to for the show?
Well, you know I'm excited
Uh... here's the thing I'm just a foodie by default and I know nothing about food.
I happened just to be the host of Cupcake Wars by random so I kind of need to be educated in the
whole food genre. I have a lot to learn so by osmosis I think I'll pick it
up by being around all these amazing people. Are you a good cook?
No, not really Not so much?
So, you too, you're here for the free yummies and the food knowledge.
So... can you tell us a little bit
about what you're working on other than the hosting?
Well yeah, so Cupcake Wars is in its second season right now.
Were going to start season three soon.
So uh... you learn to bake to be on the show it should be awesome; and I host a show on the Hub Network called Hub World,
which is like a late night talk show for kids, in the afternoon
What is it about?
It's um-like entertainment tonight for kids so we cover like
tween teen pop culture and it's on every friday afternoon
and it's awesome
you know
So is there a little competition between you and Ryan Seacrest for hosting?
Well I think he's like a golden hosting God. If there is, that would be awesome
I'll be the Ryan Seacrest of cupcakes anyday, today maybe.
Yeah, we'll see what happens. Well it was very nice to meet you and I hope you have a great night