Audacity Tutorial How to Edit Adjust Volume Level

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Hello Musicians thank you for joining us My name is Andrew Mercer
and it is very short tutorial i'm sure we have a decent editing in our destiny
specifically on the show you how to do some editing off the volume levels in
opaque this is really easy because audacity did some tools and a suspicious
parts or did amazing piece of music that every quarter couple years ago
this is that some people music both name those here
that uh... that the distance and we that's represented your moving out at
it's not near
the limits as represented in these tracks
appears that near the ban reasons yet on the top of the product
is nowhere near so that means that we have
a lot of rome we can get a lot louder
before he moves toward
so we want to do that won't take advantage of the full vong range that we
can use in this track
so i can see the has to let you do this on a manic
now and this is the probably the best way to start off
uh... especially if you see that there isn't any major
peaks through his record
if you had
saying one or two massive peaks
and the rest is quite low anti-castro but this is a very
uh... flats recording bon mots
so i wanna do is and i select the audio that i want to uh... uh... change from a
split the anti recording actually
and then amenable to a pact
and i'm going to go down to amplify
uh... ended audacity will automatically
uh... analyzing rondo
animal suggests gets decibel level
that's decibel level increased that's going to bring it as close to distortion
what what it is for
okay says to six point two decibels so let's that's okay
there you go c expand and you can see visually he really grease at the bottom
so to fight back next back i don't think you know this but it's quite a bit lower
does the trick usually do it
you can often manually
you can now contato sliders ever in are that's the into
ascertain the apple pie effect you can change in yourself
so you may not want to go six one two three one two six one one
dvds and try the new york city
so that's basically it is not much to this
if this helps you get your liking it comes out crock
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office thank you very much for watching
take easy house yet fun